Mindfulness for Killers by Karsten Dusse

novel mindfulness for killers

Nothing like relativizing things... take a deep breath and create comfortable islands of time where you can soothe your conscience. No one can be as determined to disrupt your world as yourself. That is what a Björn Diemel is learning along the way, managed until the beginning of the novel by that…

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Break the box. The best humor books

The best humor books

If at the time we commented that the horror genre deals with something as essentially human as fear, when addressing the subject of humor literature we also connect with atavistic emotional essences. Surely before the fire arrived, it happened that one fine day a proto-man...

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In Lake Success, by Gary Shteyngart

Novel In Lake Success

It could be that Ignatius Reilly was an ad hoc incarnation of Don Quixote. At least in his notion of the madman stuck in the scene of the fight against windmills made giant by the overflowing imagination. And without a doubt Barry Cohen, the protagonist of this story by Gary Shteyngart, has a lot…

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Miss Merkel. The case of the retired chancellor

Miss Merkel. The case of the retired chancellor

You never know with this revolving doors for those who leave active politics. In Spain it often happens that former presidents, former ministers and other group of retired leaders end up occupying the most unsuspected offices in large companies. But Germany is really different. There …

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Sweet Revenge, by Jonas Jonasson

Sweet revenge

It is was remains. The humor. And Jonas Jonasson knows a lot about that. His vision of the ridiculous places him at the antipodes of the trends of Swedish literature in particular and Nordic in general. And acting as a counterpoint, navigating against the current also has its rewards at times ... In this ...

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Friends forever, by Daniel Ruiz García

Friends forever, novel

Crapulas untimely. The typical effect between Mr Hyde and Dorian Gray that anyone over 40 years of age can suffer when they return to the alcoholic splendors of the night after having missed a few years of raising children, of Sunday hobbies never suspected before reaching ...

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A day in the life of God, by Martín Caparrós

A day in the life of God

Of the seven days in which God created the world, I would stay with the one that our maker lay on the grass to contemplate the work. I suppose it would be a hangover Saturday or Sunday, I no longer remember. They will explain it here ... But they are one thing ...

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3 best Christopher Moore books

Christopher Moore Books

Humor and literature, complement and essence, resource and plot. Except in exceptional cases such as Christopher Moore's, humor is usually that added to promptly awaken us a smile. How can we not remember in this sense "The conspiracy of fools" by Kennedy Toole, one of the satires ...

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better slightly pretentious title than this? Before you die, yes, just a few hours before listening to it, you will pick up your list of essential books and cross out the best seller by Belén Esteban that closes the reading circle of your life… (it was a joke, a macabre and bloody joke) It is not for less…

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The Thursday Crime Club, by Richard Osman

Thursday's crime club

It is not always easy to read a humorous novel. Because people assume that a guy who reads a book is delving into brainy essays or gripped by the tension of the novel plot of the day. So laughing while reading quickly invites you to think of some guy ...

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Death with Penguin, by Andrei Kurkov

Death with penguin

The overflowing imagination of Andrei Kurkov, the children's literature writer, runs amok in this novel, although for adults, strangely disguised as a lysergic surrealism bordering on the childlike. Deep down, a trip to a children's fable has the same mind-boggling undertone as Viktor's encounter with ...

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