The Lost Ring, by Antonio Manzini

The Lost Ring, Manzini

Beyond the series of each particular protagonist, there is always the feeling of a separate life that remains veiled. On this occasion this volume of stories comes to cover those gaps that give more entity if possible to the character of Rocco Schianove de Manzini. Because in the little ones...

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The 3 best books of Etgar Keret

writer Etgar Keret

Pocas veces la narrativa breve alcanza el supuesto mayor valor de la novela o el ensayo como obras emblemáticas del escritor con oficio. Por eso el caso de Etgar Keret es el del escritor de cuentos y relatos que encuentra en ellos el sumo grado de realización narrativa. Más que …

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Quartet, by Soledad Puértolas

Book of short stories "Cuarteto", Soledad Puértolas

The circle is perfection, the journey of no return, the infinity finally enclosed. The square is more faithful to real life. Geometry still quite close to the desired perfection but at the end of the day with its inevitable angles and edges. Soledad Puértolas brings us up to this quartet, ...

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Holding the Sky, by Cixin Liu

Hold the sky Cixin Liu

I recently read that the big bang may not be the beginning of something but the end. With which we would find ourselves in the last chords of the symphony of the Universe. The question for the great science fiction writers of any age is to see the confines of reason ...

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Birds in the mouth and other stories, by Samanta Schweblin

Birds in the mouth and other stories

A good story can be as long as a song. Samanta Schweblin makes of literature an audition of little lives accompanied by the symphony of their circumstances. Samanta's stories awaken that infinite musical reverberation of pleasure and memory. What remains, something that must move like an echo ...

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Exchange of lives, by Xavier Sardà

Exchange of lives

A good book of short stories like the one that the good Xavier Sardà has summarized here never hurts. The best thing about a short story book is that the yarn is hardly a very clear motif. Because we can compose a free structure at our discretion. Seen like this, almost everyone ...

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The 3 best books by Alberto Chimal

Alberto Chimal's books

There are those who come to short literature and stay. The fate of the short story writer is something like if Dante had never found his way out of hell. And there they stayed Dante on one side and Chimal on his, as if fascinated in that strange limbo of ...

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Breakdown at the Edge of the Galaxy, by Etgar Keret

Breakdown at the edge of the galaxy

Specialized in the brief, such as many other great storytellers of today such as a Samanta Schweblin with whom you can find a certain tune, the good old Etgar Keret presents us with a volume of disruptive stories in what used to be his creative future storyline. Change the subject, …

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The city of steam, by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The city of steam

It is of little use to think about what was left to tell Carlos Ruiz Zafón. How many characters have remained silent and how many new adventures are stuck in that strange limbo, as if lost between the shelves of the graveyard of books. With the pleasure that one was lost between corridors ...

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Sleep no more, by PD James

Do not sleep anymore

Every great novelist finds in the genre of the brief recreation, liberation or even revelation. Hence, a great author like PD James also lavished on the story or the tale as that space of reunion with the imprint or with the muses. Because when the ...

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Fearsome days. by AM Homes


The growth in the Homes trade is manifested in a bibliography that defines an elegant style on a nuclear theme around the family to each new work. Of course, the experiences of Homes, his childhood in adoption and the embers of a biological family that ...

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