A world without men, by Sandra Newman

A world without men, by Sandra Newman

From Margaret Atwood with her sinister Handmaid's Tale to Stephen King in his Sleeping Beauties made chrysalis in a world apart. Just two examples to shore up a science fiction genre that turns feminism on its head to approach it from a disturbing perspective. In this …

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The Employees, by Olga Ravn

The Employees, Olga Ravn

We traveled very far to undertake a task of absolute introspection made in Olga Ravn. Paradoxes that only science fiction can assume with possibilities of narrative transcendence. Since the estrangement of a spaceship, moved through the cosmos under some icy symphony born of the very big bang, we know some...

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The 3 best books by Ayanta Barilli

Books by Ayanta Barilli

Belonging to the lineage of Sánchez Dragó ensures controversy from the outset, a reflection of inertia and prejudices that are very much ours. But we can safely bet that what it also ensures is a base stripped of dogmas and its consequent doing things just because. And probably that ensures a personality and a…

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Steve Cavanagh's best books

Books by Steve Cavanagh

Steve Cavanagh begins to be an alternative to John Banville himself in suspense made in Ireland. The translation into Spanish is not that it has been the most immediate but the titles are beginning to arrive. And the general reception of his plots, legal thriller reel, has been a real shock. There is no …

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German Fantasy, by Philippe Claudel

German Fantasy, Philippe Claudel

The war intrastories make up the most noir scenario possible, the one that awakens aromas of survival, cruelty, alienation and a remote hope. Claudel composes this mosaic of stories with a diversity of focuses depending on the proximity or distance with which each narration is sighted. The short narrative has that great…

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The 3 best books by Juan Pedro Cosano

Books by Juan Pedro Cosano

Each new historical fiction by Juan Pedro Cosano is an exciting adventure. Novels perfectly set and loaded with dynamic plots that go through the purely intrahistorical or the chronicle without ever losing an iota of interest. Much of his magnetism is born from characters outlined with that gift of…

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The 3 best books by Gustavo Rodríguez

Books by Gustavo Rodríguez

In the prose of the Peruvian Gustavo Rodríguez, recently awarded the 2023 Alfaguara Novel Award, we can find a bit of everything. A Pandora's box, a catchall or even a bazaar of lost words for second-hand lovers. Existentialism from the allegorical to the alienating. Realism…

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10 books to discover New York

Books to discover NY

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Big Apple? If so, then these 10 books are a great way to discover New York from the comfort of your own home. Books made complete reports with information on the best places to visit in the city, accompanied by more books already...

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The best books of Kotaro Isaka

Japanese literature always moves us between magnetic sensations due to the exoticism of its iron morality combined with an avant-garde that, how could it be otherwise, appears disruptive, strange with respect to those same easily imported stereotypes. Kotaro's is more towards the avant-garde. And it is …

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Laurie Forest's Top 3 Books

Laurie Forest Books

With JK Rowling, the fantastic in feminine began to match up with the great writers of this genre. And like everything that widens her vision, the matter gained in wealth. Because in the end the differences are not that many and ingenuity is not about gender but about creativity. So …

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The 3 best books by Francesc Miralles

Books by Francesc Miralles

Among the essay, self-help, youth or adult novels. Francesc Miralles is that factotum that shows concerns moved towards diversity of horizons. Making literature of all of them is a virtue as commendable as it is rare. So considering a selection of the best of Francesc Miralles can end...

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Lisa Jewell's Top 3 Books

Books by Lisa Jewell

The case of the English writer Lisa Jewell happens to be another impossible foreshortening in the narrative, from the romantic and youthful to the noir genre. The result, however, ends up reaching an unexpected echo that ends up relaunching a literary career towards waves never suspected since the first launch...

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