The Third Paradise, by Cristian Alarcón

The Third Paradise, by Cristian Alarcón

Life not only passes as frames shortly before the veil of the shocking final light (if something like that really happens, beyond famous speculations about the moment of death). In fact, our film assails us at the most unexpected moments. It can happen behind the wheel to draw us …

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In Lake Success, by Gary Shteyngart

Novel In Lake Success

It could be that Ignatius Reilly was an ad hoc incarnation of Don Quixote. At least in his notion of the madman stuck in the scene of the fight against windmills made giant by the overflowing imagination. And without a doubt Barry Cohen, the protagonist of this story by Gary Shteyngart, has a lot…

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The book of all loves, by Agustín Fernández Mallo

The book of all loves

Literature has a chance to save us. It is no longer a question of thinking about libraries where our children's children can consult the thought, science and knowledge deposited in books as a patent of an inevitable involution. We know that nothing will be left sooner than later. That's why the ...

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The dance and the fire, by Daniel Saldaña

The dance and the fire

Reunions can be as bitter as second chances in love. Old friends strive to regain a space that no longer exists to do things that no longer belong. Not for anything in particular, just because deep down they do not satisfy, but simply seek ...

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A ridiculous story, by Luis Landero

A ridiculous story, by Landero

The account of every capitalized love story, whether current or remote, may not differ so much in its romantic aspect. Because a romantic novel of the transcendent, as I say nothing to do with the pink genre, tells us about feelings impossible to culminate due to social condition, because ...

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Don't take your crown off you, by Yannick Haenel

Novel "That they do not remove the crown to you"

We admire the brilliant moment in which a man rises from his ashes to launch himself into the flight of his overflowing imagination. The conviction towards that encounter with the meaning of life has the justification of the epic. Even more so when the baggage of defeats piles up on one like ...

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Seven Tuesday, by El Chojin

Novel Seven Seas by El Chojin

Every story needs two parts if it is to find a kind of synthesis, which is what it is about in any framework that ventures into the territory of emotional mimicry. It is not a question of highlighting this type of dual narratives in front of the first person. Because also ...

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The heart of Triana, by Pajtim Statovci

Novel The heart of Triana

The thing about the popular and even lyrical Triana neighborhood is not going. Although the title points to something similar. In fact, good old Pajtim Statovci might not even consider such a coincidence. Triana's heart points to something very different, to a mutable organ, to a being that, ...

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The domains of the wolf, by Javier Marías

novel The Dominions of the Wolf

It is always a good time to recover the debut of one of the best current Spanish writers, Javier Marías. Because this is how the budding narrator is discovered with all the creative university ahead. A privileged rereading that tells us about the narrator's own voice. And also because the ...

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