Discover the 3 best books by John Fante


Inspired by Bukowski and rescued thanks to this particular mentor. John Fante already has that something of a legendary author in an America subjected to its deepest contradictions in the mid-20th century. A dichotomy between the thriving American style of prosperous lifestyle and the social and political shadows; about …

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The 3 best books of the great Charles Bukowski

Books of Charles Bukowski

Welcome to the world Bukowski, the irreverent writer par excellence, the author of visceral books that spread bile throughout all areas of society (sorry if it was too "visual"). Beyond getting closer to this genius with quotes made into memes and with which to recover his ingenious visions of...

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Discover the 3 best books by Patricio Pron


With a name easily remembered for his musicality, the Argentine Patricio Pron aims to become a reference writer in this XNUMXst century. Master of the story in a generation conducive and fertile for this narrative synthesis, as shown by the Argentine Samanta Schweblin or an Oscar Sipán because ...

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The Death of Murat Idrissi, by Tommy Wieringa

The death of Murat Idrissi

The Dutch writer Tommy Wieringa takes us into a true story about those stowaway children of the XNUMXst century. People of any age in search of a denied future. The old notion of borders as that ultimate nonsense, when one is able to deny the right to ...

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End of season, by Ignacio Martínez de Pisón

End of season

Between Martínez de Pisón and Manuel Vilas there is a literary complicity beyond the generational coincidence. It is something that seems to penetrate the very essences of literature towards vital horizons rarely seen in current narrative. What do I know, maybe it was an abduction thing in the 80s, ...

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My brother, by Alfonso Reis Cabral

My brother

Ties of blood that at the same height in a family tree can end up narrowing to the point of drowning. Cainism is the order of the day for an inheritance, for an ambition or for a widespread envy for as long as one has memory. Brotherly does not always mean understanding and good vibes. ...

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Claus and Lucas, by Agota Kristof

Claus and Lucas

Sometimes circumstances conspire to create something unique out of inconvenience or adversity. In the case of Agota Kristof everything came together so that she did not write this volume of three novels in the foreign language that received her on her flight from the new Hungary administered secretly ...

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Candela, by Juan del Val

Candela by Juan del Val

With his previous novel "It seems a lie" with autobiographical overtones (but completely limited to his life), Juan del Val aroused a stir and also blisters in very different sectors, far beyond the strictly literary. But that is another matter of course about whose extremes it has already been revealed enough in ...

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Bitna under the Seoul Sky, by Le Clézio

Bitna under the Seoul sky

Life is a mystery composed of scraps of memory and ghostly projections of a future whose sole background is the end of everything. Jean-Marie Le Clézio is a portraitist of that life concentrated in his characters determined to unravel everything from a fiction in which any approach is ...

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In camping car, by Ivan Jablonka

In camping car Ivan Jablonka

Sometimes in the most agile form of a literature concise in its descriptions and agile in its development, we find ourselves with the weight of the deepest reflections. That is in essence the formula of Jablonka, although more than a style it seems that it is simply a form ...

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Mom, by Jorge Fernández Díaz


The theme of this novel is disguised under the title of a famous song by The Clash, "Should I stay or should I go?" (Should I stay or should I go?) It is because of that connotation to doubt, to that mixture of hope and dark certainty that nothing invites you ...

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