The 3 best books by Aroa Moreno Durán

Books by Aroa Moreno Durán

The writer from Madrid, Aroa Moreno Durán, lavishes a kind of intimacy inserted in historical fictions. Or at least towards that hybrid point her first and memorable novels that break after having published other non-fiction or poetry books. But the narrative assignment is not circumscribed...

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The best books of Alex Beer

Books By Alex Beer

There is no anagram that justifies the curious pseudonym. Simply Daniela Larcher would be looking for an easy name to remember to publish her books. And faith that she has succeeded. In fact, I myself have used it to call my friend Alejandro, a good beer fan. Plus …

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The 3 best books of Hernán Rivera Letelier

Books by Hernán Rivera Letelier

The landscapes that one collects mark. More in the case of a writer. The point is that the landscapes of Hernán Rivera Leteier offer us a diaphanous glimpse of nothingness from which protagonists appear, offering their existence to the most merciless weather. The terroir is appreciated, …

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The 3 best books of Michio Kaku

Books by Michio Kaku

Some scientists have the gift of disclosure. Guys like Eduard Punset or Michio Kaku himself. In the case of Punset, it was more about general aspects of any kind, like the good band man he was. Michio Kaku's thing is to theorize from a much more specific formation...

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The best books of Angela Banzas

Books by Angela Banzas

It is clear that the most Iberian suspense genre places its most disturbing plots in the north of the peninsula. Since Dolores Redondo to Mikel Santiago or Víctor del Arbol. To name some of the most notorious. With Ángela Banzas, this tendency is confirmed, looking out over leafy northern forests or …

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3 best books by Yuval Noah Harari

Books by Yuval Noah Harari

That History as an alleged science also has parts of elucubration is confirmed once again by the fact that precisely a historian like Harari has established himself as one of the most recognized current essayists on the emergence and paths of our civilization. Without a doubt this writer who ...

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The 3 best books by Michel Houellebecq

Books by Michel Houellebec

Nothing better than offering a controversial narrative to arouse curiosity and bring more readers closer to a work that, ultimately, is worth its weight in gold. Strategy or not, the point is that since that Michel Thomas, published his first novel with a prestigious publisher but…

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The 3 best books by Sofía Guadarrama Collado

Books by Sofia Guadarrama

The writer feeds on singularities. Literature needs groundbreaking stories like the one that Sofía Guadarrama offers us in each of her novels. These singularities serve to break with the flat story, the average and lukewarm. Because beyond conventions, customs and other records necessary for the …

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The 3 best books by Anthony Horowitz

Books By Anthony Horowitz

Being faithful to a theme has its reward. And it is that in a police genre perhaps not in decline but always absorbed by current noir, a writer like Anthony Horowitz has stuck to his guns to revive that more deductive police suspense genre. And of course at the end...

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The 3 best books of Maria Reig

Books by Maria Reig

Historical fiction finds in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries a great claim for the feminist review of events. Because the story needs to be completed, underpinned by that becoming of the feminine that was awakening at that time as scattered bursts on a necessary horizon. The takeoff of this current…

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Top 3 Seicho Matsumoto Books

Books by Seicho Matsumoto

The black genre also woke up in the Far East back in the XNUMXth century. And without a doubt, Matsumoto was the one who took the controls of the Japanese criminal narrative with an extensive production that manages to lead us to similar underworlds compared to the Western world, with its sewers and other spaces where the …

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