The 3 best books by David Trueba

David Trueba books

From the script to the direction to finally assault the world of literature with the particular baggage of such a fruitful transition. David Trueba is already that writer who perhaps never thought he had been a journalist by training and screenwriter by vocation. But books arrive like this, from the hands of ...

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The 3 best books by David Foenkinos

David Foenkinos books

The best thing about the new great writers like David Foenkinos, who burst into force without being carried away by trends and throwing themselves into the open grave towards the avant-garde, is that they are finally unclassifiable. Critics and the industry in general seek accommodation for that new voice of which many readers ...

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The 3 best books by Sara Barquinero

Books by Sara Barquinero

The literature coming out of Aragon, and especially from the handwriting of Aragonese writers, stands out for its bomb-proof quality. Authors like Irene Vallejo or Sara Barquinero herself, each in their own way, both dazzling with a creative imprint for the highest quality literature. Reach a…

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The 3 best books by Douglas Adams

writer Douglas Adams

In the interstellar literature of the last decades, two are the authors who best summarize science fiction, entertainment, adventure and various touches that can range from humor to the transcendental intention of the CiFi musings. The first of those indicated is John Scalzi, but justice is to quote ...

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The 3 best books by the great Mari Jungstedt

Mari Jungstedt books

The truth is that it is a pleasure to see how many of the great firms of the black genre are already authors from here and there. Writers who approach their dark narratives around the world of crime with absolute magnetism, with that tension on the cases, the criminal's psyche, the ...

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The 3 best books by Michel Onfray

Michel Onfray books

French literature has in its Michels two great writers of the present time, covering all sides of fiction and reflection. On the one hand Michel Houellebecq dazzles us with his plots on the threshold of the novelistic. On the other hand Michel Onfray does humanistic historiography to finish ...

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The 3 best books of Natalia Ginzburg

Books by Natalia Ginzburg

The surname Levi is quickly associated in Italy with the anti-fascist struggle from literature to politics. But the truth is that Natalia Ginzburg (Natalia Levi really) has nothing to do with her contemporary, fellow Italian and also Jewish Primo Levi. And that precisely literature ...

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The 3 best books by Tessa Hadley

Tessa Hadley books

An author who makes her work her own genre. Because its plots move between intimacy, a point of suspense, domestic existentialism and vital action between dilemmas and paths that the characters assume with that point of adventure that is life itself. So meeting Tessa Hadley…

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The 3 best stimulant books Albert Espinosa

Books of Albert Espinosa

Nobody better than Albert Espinosa to make us travel through vital narrative proposals that exude resilience. The generous and optimistic stamp of this author is reflected on each page. A real pleasure to discover one of the creators who in the best way opens us to empathic worlds, to humor ...

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The 3 best books by Guillermo Arriaga

Guillermo Arriaga's books

The legacy of the Juan Rulfo most committed to the chronicle of estrangement, combining crude realism and sparks of metaphorical fantasy, finds in Guillermo Arriaga that kind of continuation of any school that tends to be associated with each country. And that the Mexican school has as many possible ramifications as ...

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The 3 best books by Yuval Noah Harari

Books by Yuval Noah Harari

That History as a so-called science also has parts of speculation is confirmed once again by the fact that precisely a historian like Harari has become one of the most recognized current essayists on the emergence and paths of our civilization. Because Harari moves between…

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The 3 best books by Jacqueline Winspear

Books by Jacqueline Winspear

There is no better setting than the interwar period to locate a saga of the most intense noir genre. Tough times where grudges were embers waiting for the most opportune current to rekindle. Jacqueline Winspear takes us through her most recognized series until the early 30s, with…

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