The 3 best films by Quim Gutiérrez

actor Quim Gutiérrez

Little by little, friend Quim is transformed into the Iberian Adam Sandler. Which is both good and bad, depending on how you see it. Because that ensures many roles, work in comic films or series. The bad part is the difficult unlabeling of the comic actor…

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The 3 best films by Eduardo Noriega

Eduardo Noriega movies

Spanish cinema has a perfect wardrobe in Eduardo Noriega. Eduardo is a guy who can do everything and for everything. A chameleon capable of dazzling and ultimately leading us to the dark side of whatever plot is presented to us. Because some of his best…

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The 3 best films by Paul Mescal

Paul Mescal movies

Unless one day it becomes known that Paul Mescal is related to some renowned director, producer or whatever (I was already disappointed with Nicolas Cage thinking that he was there for nothing more than his performances), we find ourselves before the prototypical actor of school that ends up playing…

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Justin Timberlake's 3 best movies

Justin Timberlake movies

It's worth it that the thing about actors arriving after fame gained in other settings always arouses suspicion. “Justino LagodeMadera” was not going to be different. But after a few movies one can judge more judiciously. Because after that first performance in which critics and fans...

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Top 3 Clint Eastwood movies

Clint Eastwood movies

As Clint himself would say in the movie "The Rookie", opinions are like asses; So everyone has one. And taking advantage of the fact that I also have a free ass to comment on, I am here with the 3 best Eastwood films. Of course, considering the performance...

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The 3 best films by Juan Antonio Bayona

Juan Antonio Bayona movies

Without being one of the most prolific directors on the world stage, or precisely thanks to that, everything that my namesake Bayona presents ends up climbing to the top of the billboards around the world, as a regular friend and inventor of words would say, "ipsofactically." At times heir...

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The 3 best Julia Roberts movies

julia roberts movies

The problem with a film like "Pretty Woman" is that it achieves more than pigeonholing and ends up marking as a stigma. And then it's hard to get on with other Julia Roberts movies without evoking the prostitute who takes on a new life thanks to Richard Gere. It has a lot to do with…

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The 3 best films by the great John Malkovich

John Malkovich movies

There are those who consider that John Malkovich is the most egotistical actor of those who have passed through Hollywood. Making a movie called "Being John Malkovich" sounded like absolute vainglory. Nor is the idea of ​​writing and starring in another movie titled "100 Years: The Movie That Never Left Behind."

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Gerard Butler's 3 best films

Gerard Butler movies

Since that mythical Leonidas made flesh and blood with touches of epic comics, Gerard Butler's move was to rise to film stardom with new roles that abounded in his heroic hook. Surely without becoming one of the front-line actors, but being recognized enough as...

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Tom Hardy's 3 best movies

tom hardy movies

The transition from complementary actor to protagonist is not always easy. In fact, it doesn't always end up happening. Hence many actors complain that all films are shot by the same 5 or 6 actors. But in Tom Hardy's tenacity and his worth we can find it...

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Anna Castillo's 3 best movies

Anna Castillo movies

What Anna Castillo does is an exponential interpretative evolution. I discovered her, like so many of us, with that 2017 musical comedy "The Call" and from then until today we have been discovering the virtues of her profession from a captivating personality and a charisma of those that are becoming more seasoned...

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Jennifer Lawrence's Top 3 Movies

Jennifer Lawrence Movies

An actress who collects interpretive registers as if her chameleonic virtue were something easy to put into practice. No doubt Jennifer Lawrence would delight a great director of yesteryear like Hitchcock. Because in it we can find that unsuspected background that cinema always seeks as a surprise factor. Something …

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