Books you have to read before you die

What better title than this? Something light, light, sibilantly pretentious. Before dying, yes, better the fewer hours beforehand to listen to it. That's when you'll catch your must-read list and you will cross out Belén Esteban's best-seller, the one that closes the reading circle of your life... (it was a joke, a macabre and bloody joke)

It is no wonder that we make jokes about this entry, because The title was just suggested to me by another blogger also dedicated to writing about books. And there are so many lists and comparisons on the Internet that to aim for the top there is no other option but to assault the average reader and say: hey, friend! Did you know that you can't beat it without having read these 3, 5 or 15 books?

So here we go with my particular experiment in extreme literature. Extreme because... Who the hell was going to search on Google: «books to read before dying» If you do not have in perspective to give yourself to the last trip?

I just hope you have a little while to attend to me. If you have a handful of hours before leaving the forum, it will only take a few minutes to get lost here.

And then you lie down on your bed to face the essential readings. Some readings that will not guarantee you heaven, but that will, at least, drip-feed you the intellectual palliative of having your homework well done. Thus you will enjoy the agonizing reason like a reconciling narcotic, before leaving here a complete wreck. Quijote, shining and splendid towards the last and only lucidity of your life.

The essential books of the history of literature

The arms of my cross

I'm the fucking Paco Threshold and I'm going to recommend my book to you, because that's why we came. It is a uchronia in which Hitler tells us what happened to his life once he escaped from the bunker. The infamous guy, the man devoured by his nemesis...

I have never written anything like this and never will again. Because mine is more the mystery novel, science fiction, stories and unsuccessful ramblings of the failed writer. The one that despite everything continues to enjoy typing like a dwarf (with ten fingers, like the big ones. Nothing to do with those digital illiterate with agile index fingers). A solitary self-administered placebo in front of the computer, seeing how characters and plots are born and die. If that doesn't mean being a writer above anything else, God come and say so.

And if my book is finished and you don't think it's something worth reading before you die, it will be because the longest time has passed between its pages. And then you will think about rereading it to stretch your life time into new minutes that become eternal between page and page. And then you'll thank me for extending your last days. And that will be the best invested 5 fucking euros of your life.

The arms of my cross, Juan Herranz

It is done? Yes, as the premature ejaculator I never met would say, that's it. Today I don't feel like continuing to bring you closer to the best books in history, maybe tomorrow... Bon voyage.

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