Mindfulness for Killers by Karsten Dusse

Nothing like relativizing things... take a deep breath and create comfortable islands of time where you can soothe your conscience. No one can be as determined to disrupt your world as yourself. That is what Björn Diemel learns along the way, driven until the beginning of the novel by that inertia that destroys nerves and family relationships based on stressful routines.

Each chapter is preceded by a reading from the wise mindfulness guru Joschka Breitner, who with his work "Slowing Down in the Passing Lane: Mindfulness for Executives" gives a good account of any situation and how to deal with it to cling to the present like a barnacle and emerge unscathed. from any onslaught of reality.

But reality is stubborn as she alone. And if you leave the pot boiling on the stove, the chicken in the oven or a dead person in your trunk, everything ends up rushing to a level of consciousness that could be worse…. Unless you know how to take your mindfulness guide to its ultimate consequences, where you can overcome pitfalls of stress, fear, panic, or whatever comes your way. Because what is beyond the present? Why worry about something that hasn't happened yet?

The dead do not speak and if you take care of making them disappear enjoying the moment like a trickster, a magician or a butcher, you may even find yourself being a bold guy, capable of challenging the largest law firm and the entire criminal police force in the city. .

And that without forgetting to serve as a model father and an exemplary husband who is back. All thanks to mindfulness and that full awareness that makes you enjoy the little things, removing that annoying outside noise knocking at the doors of your conscience.

Black humor from the parodic with reminiscences of Tom sharpe. Maximum empathy with a character on the tightrope between work and personal balances... Until everything explodes... or rather implodes with that I don't know what elegance and snobbery that comes from clinging to new waves of the formation of consciousness. Björn was one more skeptic of all that shit with neologisms in search of everyday karma. But after a couple of deep inspirations with their respective exhalations, nothing will ever be the same again.

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