5 best books by Matilde Asensi

Matilde Asensi books

The best-selling author par excellence in Spain is Matilde Asensi. New and powerful voices like that of Dolores Redondo They are approaching this honorary space of the Alicante author, but they still have a long way to go to reach. In his long career, his trade and his number of readers ...

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3 best Robert Graves books

Robert Graves books

As a result of reading the book The Sixteen Trees of the Somme, by Larss Mytting, I evoked the participation of the great Robert Graves in the battle that took place in that French region of the Somme, where more than a million soldiers died and in which Own …

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Javier Negrete's 3 best books

Javier Negrete's books

Writing with knowledge of the facts about aspects that always cause admiration among readers, such as the historical fiction genre, already confers a point of authority and solvency on the subject of the narrative. And it is that Javier Negrete, graduated in Classical Philology, takes advantage of his ...

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3 best Bernard Cornwell books

Books by Bernard Cornwell

Orphan of both parents from a very young age, Bernard Cornwell can be said to be the prototype of a self-made writer. Although it is a more practical than romantic consideration. The truth is that he became a writer out of necessity once he moved to the United States, entrusting his destiny ...

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3 best Hilary Mantel books


After some hesitant literary beginnings between genres as disparate as historical fiction and the current romantic genre (that kind of pink narratives), Hilary Mantel is already a consolidated author of the historical. Under the umbrella of this genre, it has been able to win two awards on two occasions ...

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The 3 best books of Santiago Posteguillo

Books by Santiago Posteguillo

Probably the most original Spanish writer of historical novels is Santiago Posteguillo. In his books we find pure historical narrative but we can also enjoy a proposal that goes beyond historical facts to delve into the history of thought or art or literature. The originality …

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3 best books by José Luis Corral

Books by Jose Luis Corral

When a historian decides to write a historical novel, the arguments shoot up to infinity. This is the case of José Luis Corral, an Aragonese author who dedicates himself profusely to the genre of historical fiction, alternating it with publications of a purely informative nature as a good scholar in his area. Environment …

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3 best books by Umberto Eco

Umberto Eco books

Only a persistent semiologist can write two novels like Foucault's Pendulum or The Island of the Day Before and not perish in the attempt. Umberto Eco knew so much about communication and symbols in the history of humanity, that he ended up spilling wisdom everywhere in these two ...

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Distant Parents, by Marina Jarre

Novel The Distant Parents

There was a time when Europe was an uncomfortable world to be born in, where children came into the world amidst nostalgia, uprooting, alienation and even the fear of their parents. Today the matter has shifted to other parts of the planet. The question is to take that view ...

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Hildegarda, by Anne Lise Marstrand-Jørgensen

Hildegarda, the novel

Hildegarda's personality introduces us to the misty space of legend. Only there can the myths of saints and witches inhabit with the same relevance in our days. Because today a miracle to recover a blind man has the same trickery as a spell capable of ...

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The Law of Wolves, by Stefano de Bellis

novel The Law of the Wolves

It will be up to Luperca, the kind she-wolf who suckled Romulus and Remus. The point is that the incontrovertible legend fits perfectly into a part of the vision of the Roman Empire as an implacable but organized culture, with an instinct for survival and even perpetuation. Because there was no other civilization ...

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