The 5 best books by the brilliant Matilde Asensi

La best-selling author par excellence in Spain is Matilde Asensi. New and powerful voices like that of Dolores Redondo They are approaching this honorary space of the Alicante author, but they still have a long way to go to reach her.

In his long career, by profession, subject matter and number of readers in our country, perhaps only Javier Sierra approaches its level of sales and impact. Plots of mysteries brought to literature from those thresholds where reality is obscured. Arguments where finally their characters make us feel the vertigo of the adventure.

Top 5 recommended novels by Matilde Asensi

The Amber Room

Every debut feature has some authenticity that is absorbed by the following works. Those new plots that win in their craft but that owe that point of magical irruption of the brilliant narrator. Hence this first place for a beginning of the already fundamental mystery bibliography of the genre.

Plot of The Amber Room: In 1941, during World War II, the Nazi army looted the former tsarist palaces and museums of the Soviet Union and brought priceless works of art to Germany.

Among the stolen objects was a unique jewel, an exceptional piece that mysteriously disappeared during the last days of the war: The Amber Room, an XNUMXth-century chamber built entirely from semi-transparent Baltic amber, the recovery of which today haunts the Russian people. .

Ana Galdeano, a respectable antiquarian from Avila and member of an international group of art thieves, called "The chess group", she will be forced to unravel the threads of a complicated plot concocted fifty years ago by two dangerous and intelligent Nazi leaders who decided to appropriate those innumerable treasures and, above all, the amber room.

For this, he will have the help of the Portuguese collector, José Cavallo, his inseparable companion in the plot with which they will spend pleasant and very unpleasant moments, and even very dangerous.

The amber room

The last cat

The confirmation of the meteoric career of an author who never ceased to amaze with her dynamic mystery plots around the world of art in her sacred version.

Plot of The Last Caton: Under the ground of the Vatican City, enclosed between codices in her Secret Archive office, Sister Ottavia Salina, an internationally renowned paleographer, is commissioned to decipher some strange scarifications that have appeared on the corpse of an Ethiopian: seven Greek letters and seven crosses.

Three apparently worthless pieces of wood were found next to the body. All suspicions are directed to the fact that these pieces belong, in reality, to the Vera Cruz, the true cross of Christ.

the last cato

The lost origin

The mystery plot centers in this case on the study of a language, an archaic language with wonderful hidden messages in its cryptic form.

Summary of The Lost Origin: Arnau is convinced that his brother's mental deterioration is related to the studies he was doing regarding the ancient Aymara language and that Daniel has been struck by an ancient curse.

By researching and documenting his brother's work, Arnau discovers that this language is different from all the others because it is perfect and follows an order so that it looks like a mathematical programming language and has the power to reprogram the human mind. The descendants of the ancient sect of the Yatiris have been in charge of transmitting the knowledge of the power of words.

Together with two friends, Marc and Lola (brilliant hackers), Arnau goes to Bolivia to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Tiahuanaco, where he meets Daniel's boss and visits the same places familiar with the history of the Yatiris and their idiom.

Initially an antagonist, the teacher becomes an important ally of Arnau on the journey to the dangerous areas of the Amazon jungle, where the protagonists seek the only remedy that can cure Daniel of the curse.

The lost origin

Trilogy «Martín Ojo de Plata

Seated at the literary summit of best-sellers, Matilde Asensi decided to look for new readers among young people, a potential market in need of great adventures to start reading.

I highlight it in his 5 best books for that intention and that creative turn, maintaining quality and interest in the plot.

Summary of the Martín Ojo de Plata trilogy: Catalina Solís is the first-person voice that accompanies us throughout the trilogy. His story begins in 1598, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Survivor of a pirate boarding, the girl is left alone and helpless.

The master of a ship welcomes her and introduces her as Martín Nevares, his son with an inhabitant of the new lands. Throughout the three books «Tierra Firme», «Venganza en Sevilla» and «La Conjura de Cortés» we enjoy the adventures of this young woman capable of ruling her destiny and facing all dangers.

Martin Silver Eye Trilogy

The return of the cat

Matilde Asensi's latest novel dazzles again with its narrative capacity, understood as her formula to keep the reader glued to the book.

Return of Cato Summary: What can the Silk Road, the sewers of Istanbul, Marco Polo, Mongolia and the Holy Land have in common? That is what the protagonists of The Last Cato, Ottavia Salina and Farag Boswell, will have to find out by putting their lives in danger again to solve a mystery that begins in the first century of our era.

Written rigorously, with a rhythm that keeps readers in suspense page by page and chapter by chapter until the end, The Return of Cato is a masterful combination of adventure and history with which Matilde Asensi catches us again so as not to let us escape until the last word.

The return of Cato

Well, here it is said. If your favorites are others, your comment is welcome. Collect opinions about Matilde Asensi's books it is sure to enrich and bring new perspectives.

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