The 15/33 method, by Shannon Kirk

Shannon Kirk's Method 15-33
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Revenge is as powerful an argument as love. Literature has at its peak both great love stories and the most extensive works built around the coldest revenge, the one that focuses all human intelligence and will, the one that sublimates the feelings of defeat, despondency and victimhood to always strike back. with greater intensity than received.

Hence, the theme becomes recurrent in protagonists ranging from Cain to the Count of Monte Cristo, to Carrie O Lisbeth Salander (curiously women in these new more current cases).

And this is how Shannon began very recently with her novel "The 15/33 Method" that gave rise to this sequel that abounds in the idea that revenge satisfies but can generate new conflicts that increasingly raise tension to chronicity.

On that first occasion, we soon got used to the fact that a human being faced with the worst of situations, such as the pregnant and kidnapped teenager Lisa, can break from the first minute or find herself in the well of her atavistic existence that links her with the human faced with a hostile world in which we were only food for predators. Until we start to think and we equip ourselves with tools, with fire, with weapons ...

Lisa found her weapons and the meanest plan to make it out alive with her fledgling creature. The survival instinct is transformed into something much more intense for a woman who protects herself and protects her bosom occupied by new life. To the point of reaching that potential of our brain that seems numb in a current comfortable way of life.

This time the turning point towards that 15/33 plan comes from the murder of Lisa's mother. Revenge has already degenerated into conflict and a minimal moment of relaxation is used to try to destroy Lisa's life, again.

With that point of a detective crime novel but built from the self-made hero of revenge, Lisa will be accompanied by Liu and Lola to finish closing the circle of her black story that led her to a dark hole and that she has ended up turning off. the voice of his mother in a last sentence full of nuances towards the ultimate clarification of everything ...

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