The bitch, by Alberto Val

The Bitch, by Alberto Val

Sometimes the abysses of the soul, where the light does not reach, find a time and a way to enjoy themselves in their own way. A placid island like Tenerife becomes that point where all the evil is concentrated in the form of vices, perdition and unspeakable afflictions with a certain aspect of temptation...

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Mindfulness for Killers by Karsten Dusse

novel mindfulness for killers

Nothing like relativizing things... take a deep breath and create comfortable islands of time where you can soothe your conscience. No one can be as determined to disrupt your world as yourself. That is what a Björn Diemel is learning along the way, managed until the beginning of the novel by that…

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Holly, from Stephen King

Holly, from Stephen King, September 2023

We will have to wait until the end of the summer to give a good review of the new Stephen King. One of those stories that take up the old paths of the first King between paranormal and sinister events, or both things perfectly combined in an imaginary where everything has a place towards the most plausible...

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The Perfections, by Vincenzo Latronico

Latronico perfections

Among the most enervating trends in our world today, the idea of ​​the fullest self-realization stands out as a compendium between the work, the existential, the spiritual seasoned with permanent happiness. Marketing things that reach everything, even the deepest perception of life. Today's new generations...

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The Wizard of the Kremlin, by Giuliano da Empoli

The wizard of the kremlin book

To understand reality you have to take a long path towards the origin. The evolution of any human-mediated event always leaves clues to be discovered before reaching the hurricane epicenter of everything, where an unintelligible dead calm can hardly be appreciated. The chronicles erect myths and their…

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You Should Have Gone By Daniel Kehlmann

You should have gone, Daniel Kehlmann

The suspense, that thriller with a diversity of arguments, constantly adjusts to new patterns. Lately, the domestic thriller seems to be championing that of presenting disturbing stories, never better than from the epicenter of the familiar to offer doubts about those closest to us. But certain patterns are always maintained. Because …

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The years of silence, by Álvaro Arbina

The years of silence, Álvaro Arbina

There comes a time when the popular imagination is invaded by regrettable circumstances. In war there is no place for legends beyond the dedication to survival. But there are always myths that point to something else, to a magical resilience in the face of the most unfortunate future. Between …

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The cards that we deal, by Ramón Gallart

The cards that we deal

A successful metaphor between the cards on the table and what life finally has. Chance and what each one proposes once entered into the game of life. Bluffing may be the wisest play but it's always good to be able to do...

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The Bramard case, by Davide Longo

The Bramard case, Davide Longo. First part of the crimes of Piedmont.

The black genre suffers a continuous approach by new authors capable of assaulting reader consciences in search of new booty. Partly because, in today's crime narrative, when you get the hang of the author on duty, you go looking for new references. Davide Longo currently offers (he has already done some…

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A world without men, by Sandra Newman

A world without men, by Sandra Newman

From Margaret Atwood with her sinister Handmaid's Tale to Stephen King in his Sleeping Beauties made chrysalis in a world apart. Just two examples to shore up a science fiction genre that turns feminism on its head to approach it from a disturbing perspective. In this …

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The Employees, by Olga Ravn

The Employees, Olga Ravn

We traveled very far to undertake a task of absolute introspection made in Olga Ravn. Paradoxes that only science fiction can assume with possibilities of narrative transcendence. Since the estrangement of a spaceship, moved through the cosmos under some icy symphony born of the very big bang, we know some...

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German Fantasy, by Philippe Claudel

German Fantasy, Philippe Claudel

The war intrastories make up the most noir scenario possible, the one that awakens aromas of survival, cruelty, alienation and a remote hope. Claudel composes this mosaic of stories with a diversity of focuses depending on the proximity or distance with which each narration is sighted. The short narrative has that great…

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