I'll be alone and without a party, by Sara Barquinero

It is true that it is difficult to find new voices that speak of love rooted in vitalism, with philosophy, with transcendence from the touch of the skin or even from orgasm. And that the matter is a whole narrative challenge where the writer or writer on duty can demonstrate, if not lost in the attempt, that literature really reaches the spaces that no other art or field of knowledge covers.

A clever young philosopher takes over from Milan Kundera, Beauvoir or even of Kierkiegaard. Her name is Sara Barquinero and for such a substantial task she is done with her particular Agnes called Yna in her case. What Yna was able to experience and feel, what may remain of her in her forgotten future in the form of a diary, ends up giving meaning to any other life that appears to even ontological doubts in the simple endeavor to live.

Who is Yna? Why has her private diary, a chronicle of her crush on Alejandro in 1990, appeared in a container in Zaragoza? The protagonist of I will be alone and without a party He can't help but ask himself these questions when he finds Yna's old handwritten notebook. There is something in the simple prose of this stranger that makes her want to know more.

Her story has a contagious force that, despite the distance, forces her to think about herself, to the point of putting her whole life on hiatus to begin an investigation that will take her to Bilbao, Barcelona, ​​Salou, Peñíscola and , finally, back to Zaragoza. Is it true that no one went to Yna's birthday on May 11, 1990? Does it make sense that the love of your life never called you? What did this great romantic obsession respond to? And where will its protagonists be now? Will they still live?

With echoes of Roberto Bolaño and Julio Cortázar, the very young philosopher and writer Sara Barquinero builds an amazing story of desire and intrigue that runs through Spain, and that is the first stone of an ambitious narrative project: a return to the philosophical novel without giving up the dizzying pulse.

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