The double secret of the lessage family, by Sandrine Destombes

The Lessage family's double secret
Available here

To the plethora of great French narrators of the noir genre (combined with suspense), led by Mining o thilliez, joins now, by overwhelming popular love, Sandrine Destombes. A new writer to take into account in that irrepressible effervescence of the Gallic noir.

And to show this button. The novel about the secret of the lessage family (in keeping with that deepening in the domestic shadows that underpin each one in their own way Joel dicker o Shari lapena) introduces us to that setting doubly closed on the familiar in a paradoxically calm and disturbing environment. The typical contrast between the town as a peaceful home and its ability to harbor the most vicious shadows guides us in this story to new unsuspected limits.

Two times to locate that distorting mirror in which the truth is distorted and the most monstrous consciences about what could have happened are reflected. When evil is not dealt with in its time, when the abominable is expected to simply disappear, in the end the opposite usually happens. And evil has a lot of patience ...

On one side of the mirror we travel to more than twenty years ago. Piolenc faces the anxiety of the disappearance of two brothers, Soléne and Raphaël. Only Soléne could be found, with her dead body presented with the macabre theatricality of the most cruel monster. The girl in her white dress, pointing to that purity and innocence that the criminal himself recognizes, to the further delight of his despicable work.

Maybe it's the same. Or maybe it is a continuation of his diabolical legacy. The point is that in the peaceful summer of 2018, with the diffuse mists of that past that nobody wants to evoke, some children begin to disappear again. The investigation is rushed between two investigators cleverly introduced by the author, a police officer who is unaware of the previous case and another who may lead him to the abandoned tracks. Everything to try to find that link that can eliminate chance and determine the causality that links the past and the current.

Meanwhile, Piolenc looks into the abyss of becoming a cursed place. Perhaps chosen by the devil himself or simply sown, among his fields, by the seed of evil.

This time nothing can be left open. The life of the new children cries out amid the silence of a stunned town while the voices of the past echo into sinister confusion.

Maximum tension around those childhoods stolen from life, the worst of the sensations for a place so in need of sowing hope among a memory assaulted by darkness. Only, whoever has the link between what happened on one side of the mirror and the other, is probably the one who needs the most that nothing is known.

You can now buy the novel The Double Secret of the Lessage Family, the book by Sandrine Destombes, here:

The Lessage family's double secret
Available here

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