A thousand nights without you, Federico Moccia

A thousand nights without you
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Lovers of the pink narrative of Federico Moccia, probably the most recognized male author in this type of literature labels too often as exclusively female, he is back with a new adventure for hearts eager for lost, forgotten, wonderfully current or upcoming passions ...

A thousand nights without you or a thousand nights without sleep. Because its nearly 500 pages promise many comings and goings, adventures and misadventures of the most passionate romanticism.

Summary: «After a hiatus in Russia, the time has come for Sofia to put her love life in order. He can no longer run away from his past, the loneliness of his marriage, or the passionate and broken history with Tancredi, and decides to return to Rome. On a trip to Sicily to visit his parents, he will discover a family secret that will affect him deeply. Meanwhile, Tancredi follows all his footsteps; He is a man in love who has never given up on the first try. But Sofia doesn't trust him… Will they end up meeting again? »

You can now buy the novel A Thousand Nights Without You, the new by Federico Moccia here:

Available here

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