3 best John Grisham books

Presumably when John Grisham began to practice law, the last thing he thought was to transfer to fiction so many and so many cases in which He would have to struggle to make a name for himself among the robes of the United States. However, to this day the legal profession will be for him a vague memory of what he was or what he wanted to be.

In any case, having always been able to get better in a more creative space where to raise cases and more cases in that criminal field in which criminals in impeccable suits move and millions to spend in court as if it were Las Vegas.

The world of judicial thriller, much in demand among readers around the world, has in Grisham his great reference, the mirror in which others look at each other with longing.

And it is so because, in addition to being one of the first to specialize in this type of narrative, so friendly with the cinema on the other hand, it has always done it with round plots that show us the sewers of a corrupt world from which it is not even free. the judicial establishment.

Read a Grisham book Validate with third party criminalistics and help with the legal part of any opposition 🙂. And only because of that approach to the Institution of Justice is it worth missing out on some of his novels. But it is also that the frenetic pace, the game with social double standards, the twists and turns of his stories and that kind of poetic justice that exudes all his work, as a sublimation of a much less hopeful reality, end up being an ideal claim for any reader. .

3 essential novels by John Grisham

The client

The introduction of the figure of a child as the keeper of a great judicial secret introduces us to the most sensitive aspects of justice. However, the harshness of those who defend spurious interests has no limits. Eleven-year-old Mark Sway witnesses the peculiar suicide of a New Orleans lawyer.

Moments before he dies, the lawyer reveals to him a terrible secret related to the recent murder of a senator from Louisiana, whose alleged murderer, a mob thug, is about to be tried.

The police, the federal prosecutor and the FBI pressure Mark to reveal the lawyer's last words, but he, aware that the mafia is watching his every move, knows that his life would almost certainly be at stake. So Mark opts to hire a lawyer named Reggie Love.

When the boy receives a death threat and Reggie discovers that they have hidden microphones in his office, and even the judge of the Juvenile Court says that Mark has no alternative but to speak, he understands that this time he has gotten into a real aubergine. However, Mark comes up with a plan… a far-fetched plan in Reggie's opinion, but one that is his only hope.


The cover

As you can see, John Grisham is an author of concise titles. He prefers to introduce us to flour as soon as he begins to read. The world of law and law firms as an intricate world where puzzling surprises await us ...

When Mitch McDeere was in the top five of his class at Harvard Law School, offers from top law firms started pouring in from every corner of America. The one he chose was not the most famous but highly respected, and they were willing to more than satisfy the wishes of Mitch and his wife: a salary that seemed to multiply, a BMW and a house that they never would have expected to own.

However, some unexpected terms were also included in the deal: untouchable files, hidden microphones, the mysterious death of some colleagues and the evasion of several million dollars. The FBI would do anything to uncover this crime and fraud circuit. And the partners of the firm as well, but for keeping their secrets and those of their clients safe. For Mitch, landing his dream job can be his worst nightmare.


The manuscript

At the beginning of this novel one remembers Dolores Round, Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans ... Because Grisham has also been carried away by that double corkscrew of the catastrophic on a climatic and criminal level. Nothing better than a world devastated by nature for the human factor to arrive to make it worse ...

When Hurricane Leo deviates from its planned course to head towards Camino Island, off the coast of Florida, most of its inhabitants decide to leave the island. Only a small group of the irreducible choose to stay, including Bruce Cable, the owner of the Bay Books bookstore. The hurricane advances destroying everything and leaving collapsed houses, destroyed hotels and shops, flooded streets and a dozen dead. One of the deceased is Nelson Kerr, Bruce's friend and author of thrillers. But evidence suggests that the storm was not the cause of Nelson's death: the victim received numerous suspicious blows to the head.

Who would want to kill Nelson? The local police are overwhelmed by the effects of the hurricane and are not in a position to deal with the case. But Bruce begins to wonder if some dark characters in his friend's novels could be more real than fictional. And somewhere on Nelson's computer is the manuscript of his new novel. Is there, in black on white, the key to the case? Bruce begins to investigate and what he discovers between its pages is more shocking than any of Nelson's plot twists ... and far more dangerous.


Other interesting books by John Grisham ...

La herencia

The issue of inheritances is a sensitive issue in civil matters. Sometimes the heirs end up entangled in a thousand disputes and in a few cases the civil administration of assets ends up in criminal matters. Money as an element capable of destabilizing even families ...

In a small town in Mississippi, one Sunday in October 1988, the body of Seth Hubbard, a wealthy homeowner, was found hanging from a tree. In his house he has left a suicide note, where he tells that he has decided to end the suffering caused by the lung cancer he suffered.

Racism continues to be a palpable element in this town. Jake Brigance, a white attorney, is one of the few without racial prejudice. On Monday morning, Jake receives an envelope with Hubbard's new testament, which revokes the old one, and with which the deceased disinherits his two ex-wives and his children.

Ninety percent of his property will be inherited by Letitia Lang, a black woman whom Hubbard hired to do housework three years ago, and who later became his caretaker. The controversy that the content of the new testament will arouse will turn the inevitable legal claim into a real circus where the family will resort to all kinds of arguments to challenge the last will of the deceased.


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  1. I have read La Applacion. I found it tedious and without much formalities ... Without a predictable ending ... Without a happy ending. I would give it a 5.
    Then, I read the Her, walk ”that yes seemed to me full of plot. Good outcome. I'd give it a 9.
    I also read, "the litigants" and flat .... Terrible ... It has no content of any interest to anyone.
    I have also read, "The Bribery", and thought that it is handling an interesting plot ... An expected ending, not predictable. Well. I'd give that a 9.


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