3 best James Ellroy books

Getting drenched in violence when you are a child should never be part of an understandable reality. But this world is much less than understandable, being completely unintelligible at times. James Ellroy suffered in the depths of his being the impact of the unreason of a finalist violence ...

The best thing about childhood, however, is the ability to overcome, resilience, and the ultimate sublimation of dark memories. Because the last days with his mother were not ideal to be considered a momentous farewell ...

The murder of his mother at age 10 must have sown the ideals of the writer of Novelty that came many years later. Perhaps that was the best way James found to assume that there was no adult response to his mother's violent death.

And when James started writing he didn't stop writing. Each new publication was always accompanied by the accolade of a devoted public. 40 years have passed since Requiem by Brown, his first novel. And although the particular issues of the past are hopeless, the writer was born to appease any vestige of guilt, remorse or sadness.

Today James Ellroy professes the same old devotion to unraveling crime, of the fact itself from its approach to its execution. All a scientific analysis to try to understand the murderer's motives and the theatrical part of the killing dementia.

Black novels his that navigate between the obsessions of the mind and its meanders until the last evil, even the worst of sins by his intention of will supplanting God: murder.

3 essential novels by James Ellroy

The black dahlia

Perhaps this is a novel where the author makes a notable leap in quality. It is not a question of detracting from the above, but in this novel a mastery of tempo is already discovered, an interesting lyrical point in the composition that contrasts with the noir genre and that nevertheless makes it shine with that magic of counterpoint ...

Summary: On January 15, 1947, in a Los Angeles lot, the naked and sectioned corpse of a young woman appeared. The forensic doctor determined that she had been tortured for days. Elizabeth Short, 22, called the Black Dahlia, will take detectives to the Hollywood underworld to involve certain wealthy people in Los Angeles.

Both are obsessed by what was the life of the Black Dahlia, and, above all, to capture the individual who murdered her ... The book that inspired the acclaimed film directed by Brian de Palma and starring Scarlett Johansson and Josh Harnett.


LA Confidential

In the third of the novels of the Quartet of the Angels, James already handles himself with a solvency that borders on perfection.

Despite the excessive violence and a very black environment in which the entire Los Angeles society plunges into the dark waters of corruption and vices, the author manages to offer us brilliance of humanity, of literary redemption of the human soul capable of sneaking out of the vice with its bloody shreds ...

Summary: Los Angeles, the fifties, a fascinating time full of nuances. Pornography. Police corruption. Intrigues in the underworld. A heinous mass murder becomes a central axis of the lives of the victims and the executioners.

Three cops staggering in quicksand Ed Exley, thirsty for glory, capable of breaking any law to outshine his father, former cop and great tycoon. Bud White, a time bomb with an agent badge, eager to avenge his mother's brutal death. A classic title in literature and film history after its successful adaptation in 1997.


Crazy about donna

I like this novel for a very interesting aspect, that of the contradictions of the human being. If love is the noblest of our possible feelings, how can it travel the entire spectrum of possible light until it reaches the other end.

A crime novel like this does not give us the answer, but in a way it leads us through the ins and outs of the doom that is living with love like a sword of Damocles.

Summary: An intense love story, which lasts for more than twenty years, between a maddened police officer from the Los Angeles Department and an actress. Again James Ellroy introduces us to his particular world: corruption, obsessions, revenge, unsolved cases and a love full of intensity and romance.


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