3 best books by Harlan Coben

Notice for Visitors via Netflix for "The Innocent." No, I have not selected that Harlan Coben novel. Which is maybe good news because there are things even better ...

The host of American writers with Jewish roots is completed by great geniuses ranging from Philip Roth a Isaac Asimov, or Saul bellow but also Paul auster. Just some of the most recognized examples of bibliographies made in jews that address a multitude of genres or even trace creative avant-gardes.

Harlan coben He belongs to the new generation of writers who still retain that identity stamp of the Jewish adapted to American circumstances. And the thing is that in this case, the most open and cosmopolitan United States seems to have become the best of places to house all kinds of origins and beliefs (parné by, yes).

But demographic changes aside and focusing on the protagonist of this post, discovering Coben is always an invitation to a fast-paced reading. The Coben plots are a game towards solving an enigma with police overtones, with some criminal on the loose to complete their stories with the tension of walking under the spotlight or near the edge of the knife.

The best thing about Coben is that, once you walk through the door of his books and sit down to attend to his proposal, the matter splashes you and involves you from the second one. Coben is a hypnotic storyteller, a kind of advocate for his narrative cause that captivates you into the darkness, and that many times ends up becoming the devil's advocate for his unpredictable twists that have made him famous worldwide.

Harlan Coben's Top 3 Recommended Books

Do not tell anybody

Sometimes the saddest secret is one that you can end up sharing with your most ruthless enemy or with your most devastating fear. David Beck has a lot to know about the death of his beloved Elizabeth.

The tree that sheltered his love seems to contain secrets to transmit from his vital energy, and the echoes of the truth come as a whisper to the hazy understanding of a David who still lives in the past, the critical moment with his millions of options to avoid the death, and a future that does not end up appearing as the horizon that finally calms his unease.

Justice is about to take care of the murderer's life. And that's when death begins to play its new cards and reveal its sinister secrets.


One wrong step

Of the saga of Mylon Bolitar, the atypical agent of athletes who ends up serving the cause of the saga to intrude into the kitchen of any other character, this novel is for me the most alive, the one that most authentically moves us through that argument of impossible turns.

Because when money, passions and crossed interests are at stake, any plot in Coben's hands works like a vibrant game of cards on a table where as soon as there are millions at stake as human lives.

Bolitar is a puppet in the hands of the narrator who places him in the middle of an irrepressible but buried scuffle that can end in any way and with little probability that this way will be friendly.


Six years

The best thing about Coben is that, despite participating in the sagas market to retain readers or for God knows what kind of editorial strategy, it has never stopped publishing those independent stories that are enjoyed with greater sufficiency and autonomy, that dazzle and that they do not require previous scenarios.

Novels that are everything in their only existence. And this story addresses a very special plot. Talk about love, nostalgia, romanticism, renouncing the loved one. Only, in one of Coben's most intense twists, we are soon faced from Jake Fisher's perspective on the strangest motives for the pact of oblivion that once lovers signed.

Natalie decided to take new paths with another man. And Jake assumed that story that they were too different. Until years later, some small details are composing a very different scenario. He could never forget Natalie, today more than ever because everything points to a betrayal at the height of Hamlet.


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