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In the narrative miscegenation there is that taste capable of satisfying everyone. It's like two scoop ice creams, for a while you get on with the coffee part and another with the chocolate part ... And Riley sager strip of combination between noir and thriller with tinges of mystery to end up offering a variety of scenes that ultimately move us between fears, twists and turns.

Someone may have killed someone. Or not. Or maybe it's a matter of feelings of imminent death. That's what the thriller is about, right? But ... if everything has already happened, if a criminal has ominously killed his victim, what comes next? Blood calls for blood. And unless someone is put on the matter, the chain of victims can always go in crescendo ...

With Riley Sager you never know. And that's good. In the bewilderment everything can end up breaking into the deepest horror or the thirst for revenge that you could never have suspected. Sign up to read his works and join in the intrigue of life or death.

Riley Sager's Top Recommended Novels

The survivors

Surviving a massacre is traumatic enough already, the subsequent social labeling only overwhelmed Quincy, Lisa, and Sam. The last girls, as they ended up calling them with that kind of popular wit, unable to pass up an opportunity, however macabre, to put a nickname. But the only humors that can be found in this story are those that once came to define the internal liquids of the human being.

The red color of blood stains this narrative proposal in the tone of a thriller that borders on terror. The pending accounts of those who are capable of facing evil and being victorious is a recurring argument in literature and in cinema. The difference lies in the ability to act as a transmission belt towards that taste for deep fear as a macabre form of leisure.

The taste for the thriller has that dark point of interest, of tension, of inescapable curiosity about the dangers and fears that condition us as human beings. And this novel exploits them all. Each character guides us through the labyrinths of their own fears. And in a way it teaches us to overcome them. To the extent that we do not succumb to the first draft of cold air that anticipates terror, we will be able to face with greater integrity what happens next.

You just need to act cool, escape the blockage, get up for a good club, and wait patiently. Perhaps the club can do nothing against an intangible evil. But the absence of fear ends up intimidating the very cause of that terror.

And why not? If the last girls were already victorious once, why shouldn't they be able to win again? Empathizing with Quincy, with Sam and with Lisa, presented in their new afterlife after the massacre, we want the situation to end in the best way. If they defeat evil, you can close the book with a satisfied smile after cold sweats.


Close all doors

Resorting to the claustrophobic in its multitude of possible plot adaptations is an always interesting option to visit the most unexpected closed spaces with anguish. Places with hardly any light and with their walls that seem to hang over us, constricting our chest ... Or what is even worse, those other spaces that are not closed but "enclosed". Where the protagonists gasp like fish out of water, trying to escape from what seems like a trap with no signs of a solution. Someone may be playing with the protagonist of this story, with the strange macabre taste of the child who locks up an insect in a boat. Until he gets bored of it and what we can all imagine happens ...

Taking care of a luxurious apartment in the most exclusive neighborhood in Manhattan seems like an ideal job for Jules Larsen, especially now that she has just been left without a boyfriend, without a home and without a job. So despite the peculiar rules that have been imposed on him, he moves into his new apartment without hesitation.

When strange events begin to occur, Jules thinks they are his own imagination. However, little by little it will be undeniable that many secrets lie behind the facade of this magnificent building and the friendly neighbors who live in it. And Jules will be the only one there to unravel them. Welcome to your new home ... from which you may never leave.


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