Buried Truths, by Michael Hjorth and Hans Rosenfeldt

In the series Bergman 7 the happy concert of a Hjorth and a Rosenfeldt delighted to have found each other as well as eager to build their independent literary careers. A full-blown creative paradox that underpins the success of criminal psychiatrist Sebastian Bergman.

We are talking about an exceptional protagonist. A whole older man who already points to a possible golden retirement in which all cases are closed and therefore the strange relationship of their authors ... Or at least that is what we might think, until the surprises do not stop reproducing.

Three years after the events they lived in Spoiled lies, Vanja, Torkel, Ursula, Billy and the rest of the Stockholm Homicide Unit team must deal with a serial killer who has left a trail of corpses in the small seaside town of Karlshamn. But there are no clues, witnesses, or clear connections between the victims.

For his part, since he became a grandfather, Sebastian Bergman has opted for a quieter lifestyle, now working part-time as a psychologist and therapist. However, his world is turned upside down when a man comes to him for help to process the experiences he lived through in the 2004 tsunami, in which Sebastian lost everything and has not been able to forget.

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