Trojan Horse 12. Bethlehem

Don Juan Jose Benitez He knows how to throw the pisto like nobody else. His Trojan Horse series is worthy of superior intelligence in substance, form, and marketing. Fact and fiction make up an inseparable chain that moves with each installment like the dance of DNA marking the fate of the turn. And it is that since 1984 (he already takes a literary emblematic date) the deliveries of the Troy horse seriesThey have been assaulting us with the most incisive of doubts about a veracity that is born from a journalistic narration charged with literary magnetism.

Events made adventure; scenarios revisited with the detail of who seems to possess transcendent truths; footnotes to clarify the appropriate points… A compendium of narrative virtuosity incomparable with any other mystery series by any writer.

For the occasion of the 12th installment, we are faced with knowledge that can shake foundations. Because they are revealed to us now with that point of exclusivity capable of circumventing censorship or limitations now manifest. Let's enjoy once again the magic of JJ Benitez on the back of his Trojan horse.

Cane. Trojan Horse 9 it was published in 2011, but was incomplete. For technical reasons, some of the USAF Major's diary pages were removed by the publisher. Now they are published in their absolute entirety.

For six months—between April and October of the year 27 of our era—Jesus was forced to flee so as not to be captured by the Sanhedrin; he fled endlessly. Belén It is a book that discovers why Jesus could not have been an Essene, as well as a review of the main Jewish sects: Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Cenotes, Essenes, Nazirs... The prodigies of Jesus that were never reported. What happened during that time? Don't miss it… It will surprise and excite you: unknown passages in the Master's life.

You can now buy the novel Caballo de Troya 12, by JJ Benítez, here:

Belen. Trojan horse 12
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