The Bramard case, by Davide Longo

The black genre suffers a continuous approach by new authors capable of assaulting reader consciences in search of new booty. Partly because, in today's crime narrative, when you get the hang of the author on duty, you go looking for new references.

Davide Longo currently offers (he already made some forays into noir years ago with his novel "The Stone Eater) that extra noir to the Italian style that drinks from Camilleri but who is closer to his other compatriot Luca d'Andrea. Scenography "made in" a deep Italy where each one puts his mark to discover, in the murderers, minds capable of everything from a disturbed intelligence.

In the series of crimes in Piedmont, which began with this Bramard case, we are promised a desire for revenge among dark spaces of corruption and depravity. Shadowy areas where hatred and guilt await their moment to break out with force.

Corso Bramard was Italy's most promising police inspector, until a serial killer on his trail kidnapped and killed his wife and daughter. Twenty years have passed since then, Corso lives in an old house in the hills near Turin, teaches at an institute and spends most of his time climbing alone.

However, something remains intact in him: the obsession, cultivated with calm firmness, to find his enemy. A murderer who keeps sending her the lines of a Leonard Cohen song. Seventeen letters in twenty years, typed on a '72 Olivetti. An invitation? A challenge? Now, that opponent who has never made mistakes seems to have run into a distraction. An essential clue. Enough for Corso Bramard to resume the hunt, illuminating a scene populated with ambiguous and powerful characters, a maze of silences that lead Corso towards his destiny.

You can now buy the novel "The Bramard case", by Davide Longo, here:

the bramard case
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