Sympathetic Ink, by Patrick Modiano

Patrick Modiano's sympathetic ink

In its inexhaustible debt with the XNUMXth century. A time increasingly loaded with great stories as we move away in time, Modiano leads us through a plot that recreates that nostalgic notion of the ephemeral. In the idea of ​​the possible trace that we can, or…

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The Island of the Lost Tree, by Elif Shafak

The Island of the Lost Tree novel

Every tree has its fruit. From the apple tree with its ancient temptations, enough to throw us out of paradise, to the common fig tree with its uncommon fruits loaded with symbolism between the erotic and the sacred, depending on how you look at it and, above all, depending on who is looking at it... A story in the …

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The 3 best books by Juan Carlos Onetti

Books by Juan Carlos Onetti

The incombustible Juan Carlos Onetti, together with Mario Benedetti and Eduardo Galeano, make up a literary triumvirate from their common Uruguay to the Olympus of letters in Spanish. Because between the three they cover everything, any genre in prose, verse or on the stage. Although each one offers that ...

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In Summer, by Karl Ove Knausgård

In Summer, by Karl Ove Knausgard

The story of life in its cyclical evolution of the seasons marks the capricious entrance and exit of the scene of each one. In the past, being born in winter was a challenge for survival. Today it is hardly an apparent anecdote that, given the efforts of Karl Ove Knausgard ...

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The heart of Triana, by Pajtim Statovci

Novel The heart of Triana

The thing about the popular and even lyrical Triana neighborhood is not going. Although the title points to something similar. In fact, good old Pajtim Statovci might not even consider such a coincidence. Triana's heart points to something very different, to a mutable organ, to a being that, ...

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I'll be alone and without a party, by Sara Barquinero

I'll be alone and without a party, by Sara Barquinero

It is true that it is difficult to find new voices that speak of love rooted in vitalism, with philosophy, with transcendence from the touch of the skin or even from orgasm. And that the matter is a whole narrative challenge where the writer or writer on duty can demonstrate, if not ...

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The Martin Family, by David Foenkinos

The Martin family from Foenkinos

As much as it disguises itself as a routine history, we already know that David Foenkinos is not delving into manners or inter-family relationships in search of secrets or dark sides. Because the world-renowned French author is more of a surgeon of the letters in shape and ...

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The 3 best books by Emil Cioran

No fully convinced pessimist reaches 84, as was the case with Cioran. I say this because of the determination to point out this author as a recalcitrant nihilist whose negativity and fear for life make up in form and substance a narrative parallel to the condemnation of living. ...

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Books you have to read before you die

Best books in history

What better slightly pretentious title than this? Before you die, yes, just a few hours before listening to it, you will pick up your list of essential books and cross out the best seller by Belén Esteban that closes the reading circle of your life… (it was a joke, a macabre and bloody joke) It is not for less…

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Life at times, by Juan José Millás

I book life at times

In Juan José Millás ingenuity is discovered already from the title of each new book. On this occasion, "Life at times" seems to refer us to the fragmentation of our time, to the changes of scenery between happiness and sadness, to the memories that make up that film that we can ...

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Towards Beauty, by David Foenkinos


To speak of Foenkinos is to approach one of the fundamental authors of the current narrative, with that generational change that points to the classic literature of a century from now, of the narrator who reflected the intrahistory of a XNUMXst century submerged between individualism and alienation as principle conflict ...

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