The water rites, by Eva G. Saenz de Urturi


The long-awaited second part of "The Silence of the White City" has just been released and the truth is that it does not disappoint. The mysterious serial killer in this installment follows the guidelines of the Triple Death, a Celtic initiatory rite imbued in the shadows of all practice ...

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Written in the Water, by Paula Hawkins


Overcome the great impact of "The Girl on the Train", Paula Hawkins returns with renewed strength to tell us another disturbing story. Every good psychological thriller must have a starting point halfway between the crime novel and the anguish of the drama. When Jules' sister Nel Abbott passes away ...

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Confabulation, by Carlos Del Amor


When I started reading this novel I thought I was going to find myself halfway between Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club and the movie Memento. In a sense, that's where the shots go. Reality, fantasy, reconstruction of reality, the fragility of memory ... But in this ...

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The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde


Can a painting reflect the soul of the person portrayed? Can a person look at his portrait as if it were a mirror? Could mirrors be a hoax that they don't show what's on the other side, on your side? Dorian Gray He knew the answers, the positive and the negative.

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The Portrait of Dorian Gray

Perfume, by Patrick Süskind


Rediscover the world under the nose of Jean Baptiste Grenouille it seems essential to understand the balance between good and evil of our instincts. Searching for essences with his privileged nose, the unfortunate and disowned Grenouille feels able to synthesize with his alchemy the fascinating aroma of God himself.

He dreams that one day, those who ignore him today will end up prostrating before him. The price to pay for finding the irresistible essence of the Creator, which resides in each beautiful woman, in their wombs where life germinates, can be more or less expensive, depending on the final effect of the aroma achieved ...

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The perfume

I am not a monster, of Carmen Chaparro

I'm not a monster
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The starting point of this book is a situation that seems extremely disturbing for all of us who are parents and who meet in the shopping centers spaces where to free our little ones while we browse a shop window.

In that blink in which you lose your sight in a suit, in some fashion accessories, in your long-awaited new television, you suddenly discover that your son is no longer where you saw him in the previous second. The alarm goes off immediately in your brain, the psychosis announces its intense irruption. Children appear, always appear.

But sometimes they don't. Seconds and minutes pass, you walk the bright corridors wrapped in a feeling of unreality. You notice how people watch you move restlessly. You ask for help but no one has seen your little one.

I'm not a monster reaches that fatal moment where you know something has happened, and it doesn't seem like anything good. The plot advances frantically in search of the lost child. The Inspector Ana Arén, aided by a journalist, immediately associates the disappearance with another case, that of Slenderman, the elusive kidnapper of another child.

Anxiety is the predominant sensation of a detective novel with that absolutely dramatic tinge that is assumed in the loss of a child. An almost journalistic treatment of the plot helps in this sensation, as if the reader could share the exclusives of the pages of events where the story is going to unfold.

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I'm not a monster

The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco


Novel of novels. Probably the origin of all great novels (in terms of number of pages). A plot that moves between the shadows of a conventual life. Where man is deprived of his creative facet, where the spirit is reduced to a kind of slogan like "ora et labora", only evil and the destructive part of the being can emerge to take over the reins of the soul.

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The Name of the Rose

The Baltimore Book, by Joël Dicker

Novel at various times to introduce us to the evolution of a peculiar American dream, in the style of the movie American Beauty but with a deeper, blacker and extended plot in time. We started by getting to know the Goldman from Baltimore and the Goldman from Montclair families. The Baltimore have prospered more ...

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22/11/63, of Stephen King


Stephen King He manages at will the virtue of turning any story, no matter how improbable, into a close and surprising plot. Its main trick lies in the profiles of characters whose thoughts and behaviors it knows how to make our own, no matter how strange and/or macabre they may be. In this …

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