Free. The challenge of growing up at the end of history

The challenge of growing up at the end of history book

Each one suspects his apocalypse or his final judgment. The most pretentious, like Malthus, predicted some near end from the sociological point of view. The end of history, in this Albanian writer named Lea Ypi, is more of a much more personal perspective. Because the end will come when it comes. The thing is …

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The 3 best books by Henry Kamen

writer Henry Kamen

There are strange days to work as a prestigious Hispanicist. And despite this, guys like Paul Preston, Ian Gibson or Henry Kamen insist on continuing to focus on a story that, if it were for other wills bent on lies, black legend or ethnocentric interest, would end up being completely disrupted. ...

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Paul Preston's Top 3 Books

Paul Preston Books

As is often said between the jocular and the true, next to the dictionary meaning of Hispanism should appear the face of Paul Preston. Because, as a historian (and precisely with greater zeal in this chronic aspect of the Hispanic), this English author has investigated and finally collected and disseminated ...

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Inventory of Some Lost Things, Judith Schalansky

Inventory of some lost things

There are no more paradises than the lost, as John Milton would say. Nor things more valuable than those that you no longer have, nor can you observe. The true wonders of the world then are more those that we end up losing or destroying than those that today would be invented as such, adding ...

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The Art of War Between Companies, by David Brown

The art of war between companies

Sun Tzu wrote his book "The Art of War" back in the XNUMXth century BC. Many battles later, and from the XNUMXth century until today, the new conflicts where to apply good or bad arts are disputed between multinationals or state corporations. We then move on to the art of ...

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The Eternal House, by Yuri Slezkine

The eternal house

A song by Def with Dos rhetorically wondered who had translated Lenin's speeches. There must have been some culprit in that disaster that was the implantation of communism. And it is that yes, beyond the musical parody something went wrong, completely wrong. First of all because I know ...

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M. The man of providence, by Antonio Scurati

M. The man of providence

Experience shows that providence is expected in the darkest times in the world. Like the rain of great storms, just before the lightning strikes. Nothing better than a good populism capable of presenting itself as a champion of the best future so that this strange faith ends ...

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The Temptation of the Caudillo, by Juan Eslava Galán

The Temptation of the Caudillo

Zigzagging between the great historical novels and informative works, Juan Eslava Galán always arouses great interest among readers, the interest of the author seasoned in a bibliography as extensive as it is brilliant. On this occasion, Eslava Galán brings us closer to a well-known photograph. The one with the two dictators walking ...

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Notre Dame, by Ken Follett

Notre Dame, by Ken Follett

Perhaps this book is one of the little good to pick from what was one of the great accidents of what we have been in the XNUMXst century. Ken Follett would stop whatever he was doing to offer us a book written from the excruciating feeling of great loss. Because beyond ...

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Voices of Chernobyl, by Svetlana Aleksievich

voices of chernobyl

The undersigned was 10 years old on April 26, 1986. The fateful date on which the world was looking to the most certain nuclear disaster. And the funny thing is that it had not been a bomb that threatened to consume the world in a Cold War that continued ...

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The Dark Age, by Catherine Nixey


And when Jesus died on his cross, the day turned to night. Myth or eclipse? for reducing the matter to a humorous point. The point is that there cannot be a better metaphor to consider that the birth of Christianity, at the foot of the cross, acquired that same dark tone ...

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