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The crux of the matter would be that each one had the attitude as one who chooses clothes every morning (or the day before in the case of the most forward-looking and controlling of their time). But it is precisely a kind of labyrinths and internal twists and turns that lead to the mediocrity of human beings to the loss of time, will and even motivation.

Hence so much self-help book and so much master formula that in the end it is a placebo to suggest and convince all those disoriented among the maelstrom of day to day. And it is not that I am against it, quite the contrary. Veronica de Andrés and Florencia Andrés have joined forces and projected their ideas towards a method that is as varied in its sources as it is synthetic in its final presentation.

Nor is it asking so much to take a few minutes of restorative reading. In the past who more who less even closed in day with a prayer at the foot of the bed. There is no better prayer than the one that leads you to the reunion with your closest God, yourself.

Because yes, between some things and others all the inertias lead us towards precipitation and the impossible rest. Our mind overstimulated and demanded to the maximum barely connects with the spiritual, the emotional, aspects that after all must be balanced so that we work as a whole towards the satisfaction of the day to day in that kind of happiness that is the consciousness of what is done (And look, it sounds like a little thing to try to be fully aware of our way of assuming the moments after a thousand occupations ...)

The problem of our world is the emptiness that sometimes appears under the unstable bridges that we tend to cross from one side to the other in a hasty attitude of life.

The key word in this book is that confidence that the title already anticipates, the almost forgotten ability to face everything with the serenity necessary to achieve success beyond the simple achievement of immediate objectives. Undoubtedly an interesting compendium of different approaches to peer into our innermost body to recover balanced and really conscious motivational notions to rule with the most precious security to make decisions in all areas.

You can now buy the book «Renew yourself with total confidence», by Verónica de Andrés and Florencia Andrés, here:

Renew with total confidence
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