Discover here the 3 best books by Kate Morton

Many are the authors who seek that magical balance between substance and form, between action and reflection, between theme and structure that ends up raising them to the level of world bestseller. There are those who end up becoming masters of narrative tension such as Joel dicker with their comings and goings from past to present and future without ever allowing you to get lost in transitions. Others are masters of the traditional art of the classical novel, such as Ken follett, some more like Stephen King manages to trap us under the skin of absolutely empathetic characters.

What of Kate morton it is the virtue between the dynamism and the depth of the plot, between the staging and the reflection seen from the characters. By successfully managing these balances of tightrope literature, every issue raised ends up getting it right. Because the only certainty is that how a story is told is much more important than what is told.

In 2007 the Kate Morton's first novel, Riverton's house, and with it the immediate success and worldwide replication of the literary effect Kate Morton, an author who approaches the mystery genre from a much more extensive perspective, with a multitude of new aspects that end up leading to a flow of novels that always surprise readers of all the world.

3 Recommended Novels By Kate Morton

Riverton's house

Grace Bradley is an endearing old woman, with a deep and tender look. The typical granny of whom you think that each fold of her wrinkles harbors experiences from a fascinating remote time.

But the case of Grace Bradley is rather that of a woman who, at the moment of her slowest senescence in front of the doors of death, decides to relate the most ominous chapter of her life. He understands that the best way is to testify what happened in person, for his grandson Marcus.

And so we enter a wonderful story from the early twentieth century, with an atmosphere tinted by the classism of the time. Grace goes to the Riverton house to work in the service. What happens from that moment is translated into a spirited plot narrative, with surprising twists under the mysterious still nineteenth-century atmosphere of the early twentieth century.

The suicide of the poet Robbie Hunter leads us from the present, in which a documentary is prepared about the character to the past, in which we discover the whole truth about it ...

Riverton's house

The last good-bye

If Kate Morton's debut was a new peak of popularity in the mystery genre, this novel published a few years later and interspersed with other books, recovers the same essence of the past as a pond of dark waters under which a monstrous truth hides that bids to surface.

The disappearance of little Theo back in 1933 among the wild mountains and valleys was a dramatic false closure of the black history of the place. That poor boy was never heard of and the grief spread and pushed his family to leave the place.

Sadie Sparrow is a London police inspector who spends her vacation time getting lost in the green of Cornwall dotted with the raging Celtic Sea.

The magic of chance, like that undeniable magnetism, leads Sadie into a space filled with echoes of that past in which Theo's life was suspended in uncertainty and fear.

The last good-bye

The secret birthday

Dorothy's last days turn into an earthquake around a secret that concerns the whole family and before which Dorothy herself debates about its relevance so that the truth emerges, disrupting everything.

In a certain way Laurel Nicholson also participates in the secret as an older sister, in fact she is the only one who has the key to access that place in the past where details are hidden that seem disturbing.

The mystery starts from 1961, when Laurel was already a girl with knowledge and had to take refuge from the events that happened. Laurel is currently an actress with a long career and after many years on stage, she assumes that that day of her mother's last birthday she must delve into what triggered the events of that distant 1961.

It all started long before, back in 1941 in London. The plot moves to the rhythm of the discoveries of Laurel and her brother Gerry, betrayal, tragedy, survival in some hard and dark years of World War II.

Between old books and photos from other times, we are composing a story that fully responds to our voracious need to discover the mystery of the Nicholson family.

the secret birthday

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  1. Hello, I think that one of Kate Morton's best books is The Forgotten Garden, as it takes you to that port where that little girl was abandoned and the story that is told from that point is captivating, the only one I haven't read is the Secret Birthday.


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