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If there is an ideologue, a thinker or why not say it, a cornerstone in world critical thought from the XNUMXth century to the present day, that is Karl Marx. As already happened with Friedrich Nietzsche or with some other philosopher or thinker, from time to time I like to bring those writers who have enlightened thought, who have used literature as a source where to put black on white, where to fertilize for posterity their theories and thoughts, their enlightening points of view on the reality looming over humanity in the political, social, scientific and even philosophical terms.

From Marx came, of course, Marxism. But also from him arose communism or historical materialism. In the case of Karl Marx, it is always a matter of confronting apparent reality with subjective reality, of appreciating the gap and stripping the trompe l'oeil of power, determined to make a people always used to commune with mill wheels, from feudalism to the lived by him, the new production systems of the factories at the dawn of the modern economy that has governed until now (I do not dare to say that the current capitalist system has much to do with that original idea of ​​production of goods and consumption) .

It is more than probable that if Marx had not been born, he would have had to have invented it. So the irruption of his figure in Europe was providential. Among the anarchists dedicated to the revolution for their own sake and the capitalists determined to ignore the working classes, Marx emerged with his ideal of communism, an interventionist theory against the liberalism already implanted and blessed by Adam Smith.

The problem of the class struggle was served in half of Europe. And it cannot be said that Marx was only the theoretician of the revolution. He was involved in a multitude of revolutionary movements, even paying for the cost of weapons equipment on occasion.

With the Communist Manifesto as a great work, Marx succeeded in inserting a necessary class consciousness. Perhaps the final battle, from this official awareness, will never be won due to the typical dissensions between left-wing currents that continue to this day.

At the time there was no consensus with the anarchists, belonging to the same institutionalized current as The International and headed by Marx. Bakunin's anarchists always denied the supposed state, centralizing power to correct liberal deviations. And in light of what happened in Russia, Cuba or other recent communist strongholds, they were right. The theory, what was written by Marx and adopted by Lennin could have a lot of social equality, of utopia. But Marx could not imagine that power corrupts everything, always.

Despite this, the utopian ideal always serves as a horizon and as the first bulwark against unbridled capitalism. And in its unattainable allegory it is clearly necessary to this day.

Top 3 recommended books of Marx

The communist manifesto

Along with Engels, Karl Marx wrote this book back in 1848. Although it is not his most profound book, he rescued it in the first place for its historical significance.

Looking for a descriptive and always enlightening language on the drift of the capitalist economy, his lucidity served as the foundation for all subsequent class movements.

As I have pointed out before, as long as the contrary is not proven, the human being is incapable of the utopia of true social well-being, one that surrenders to complete equality, to compromise between classes.

For all these reasons, this book that collects the wishes of millions of working people in search of social justice, in addition to its clear exposition of facts, contributes a lot of faith, beliefs, hope, a kind of socio-political bible that is also compiled by a wise man ideology formed from experience, experiences and human revolutions since that other revolution, the industrial one.

A brilliant search for the balance between weighty concepts such as Production Relations, Productive Forces and Social Consciousness that have been moving the world until our new technological Revolution with a framework not yet defined (a new Karl Marx is needed, such as eating).


The Capital

Considered as the masterpiece of Marx. To face your enemy, it is imperative to know him ... And that's why this book is understood with the intention of complete dissection of political economy, with all the meaning that this intention has that politics and economics always go hand in hand.

The invisible hand of Adam Smith needs the other hand of a government father who knows how to redirect the excesses of a capricious son such as the market. It is a work written for two years but completed by Engels through a compilation that took him 9 years after the death of Marx.

The truth is that this work on the diabolical capitalist system in front of which the figure of Marx appeared happens to be one of the best Treatises on the prevailing capitalism in any productive system, on speculation and the only final interest in satisfying ambition.

Of great technical rigor, however, it also provides the brilliance of detail, the observation of the underground of the capitalist system ...


Praise of crime

From the genius author, the rarity. It is always interesting to discover that special book, that work that suddenly brings another perspective or plunges into very distant themes. There is much atavistic in evil, in violence, in crime.

And what doubt is there that this is an issue that we always have to live with as citizens? What it is for Karl Marx in this unique work is to analyze the institutionalized channels to confront evil, crime, the transformation of morality into law, the legal intricacies and, ultimately, of course, the possible criminal inequality between classes.


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