3 best books by Charles Perrault

1628 - 1703… When we think of the story as a literary element, we always consider two fundamental aspects to endow this type of narration with the residue traditionally conferred by the allegorical or fabulous. In the first place we highlight the imagination necessary to captivate children and not so young children and secondly we value the consequent moral that ends up giving reading a point of importance in the teaching of logic, reason or human values.

Charles Perrault was able to put together many of those iconic tales for all the world's childhoods of all time. This is so much the case that we can find a multitude of reissues, as well as adaptations to any of the arts, mainly those derived from cinema and illustration.

But it is fair to admit that Perrault was not just short storytelling. To his credit we can also find some works and comedies that in any case did not achieve success and that have not transcended to this day.

So, perhaps without intending it at all, since it must be remembered that his first collection of stories was signed as his young son, Perrault achieved fame with all those stories impregnated with fantasy but also endowed with realistic environments in terms of the representation of contexts social, always with an elegance that ended up being the top of world short stories.

Top 3 best books by Charles Perrault

Riquete the one with the pompadour

Surely you expected me to start the ranking with Little Red Riding Hood, with Beauty and the Beast, with Thumbelina or with Puss in Boots.

But the question is to rediscover new fantastic stories of the same quality and recovered for the cause by the author from the popular imagination. But it is that Riquete el del pompadour, of which many versions have also been made, such as the latter by Amèlie Nothomb, is an invitation to the story where cruelty is narrated, about the overvaluation of the image ahead of human capacities.

In case we still did not know, once talent overcomes a possible unfavorable image, only this can end up succeeding in a full life ...

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Ass skin

A singular story that at the time caused social commotion. If it was a question of presenting a fable, it ended up being considered grotesque.

If it was a question of providing a moral, it ended up being considered to undermine any moralistic intention. And there was a king who had a donkey that produced gold from everything he ate.

And yet that king, lost his reason, was able to exhaust his vein to satisfy the claims of his madness. His daughter, turned into a victim of history, ends up escaping from the clutches of her own father, turned into an unscrupulous madman.

A kind of revision of Aesop's The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs, but with a certain transgressive will.

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Blue Beard

No, this is not the story of a pirate. Bluebeard was a very wealthy man, with many belongings and large properties. His only defect was that blue beard turned into mockery and that served him to accumulate feminine repudiations in his lovemaking claims.

Between the bizarre and the comical, as a kind of vindication of the bizarre, the eccentric and I distinguish it. The man with the blue beard never shaved and certainly that made him the most authentic and transparent type that, despite this, aroused the repudiation of all.

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