Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali

Turkey is the great discovery of the pasty series of recent times. South American melodramas have given way to everyday stories of the most European Turkey. Not that this novel is going around, but there is something inspiring about the plot. Another different time but a similar dilemma about love, its edges and its impossibilities. It is not the same either the lyricism of a good romance novel (with the historical hint added as time passes since its writing), that the overexploitation of a series, but somewhere you have to connect the dots.

And although the serial formula points to attrition in the trivial, it is fair to cite this novel as a turning point, as a great novel written by a Sabahattin Ali back in 1943, established since then as the firm voice of the Turkish narrative.

Raif Efendi arrived in Berlin in the XNUMXs, sent by his father to learn the secrets of the family business, the manufacture of toilet soaps. However, his dreamy spirit pushes him towards art and literature. In addition to studying German and reading Russian novels, he is dedicated to touring the city, visiting museums and exhibitions, in pursuit of something that he is truly passionate about. One afternoon, after being absorbed in the contemplation of the portrait of a woman wrapped in a fur coat, he knows that he has finally found what he was looking for. Thus, shortly after, Raif will meet the author of the canvas, Maria Puder, and his life will turn around forever.

Rescued from oblivion in the late 1948s, this third novel by Turkish writer Sabahattin Ali - who died prematurely in XNUMX - is one of the most striking editorial events of recent times. Translated into a dozen languages ​​and with sales of more than a million copies, this unfortunate love story between a young Turk and a German painter has become a true cult phenomenon in their country, especially among the youth, who with its reading, it expresses the resistance to the growing erosion of civil rights and demands a greater openness towards Europe.

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