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The struggle to monopolize the largest quarry of the Nordic black genre seems to have no end. After the already anthological tug of war between the Norwegian Jo nesbo and the Swedish Camilla Lackberg As possible more recognized current references, more values ​​always end up appearing that are added to that dispute to capitalize on such a famous narrative of the Scandinavian peninsula.

In the case of Helene Flood we overcome the impact of his debut film to approach new aspects of his imaginary sprinkled with his professional knowledge about the human psyche. Because the black genre is basically about that, to understand that "we are human and nothing human is alien to us." Because the worst monster can end up inhabiting souls that finally succumb to fear or guilt. The worst of mutations ...

With Flood the world of crime takes on those hints of disconcerting verisimilitude, of maddening closeness, as after the kind gaze of any neighbor capable of saying good morning to his last victim still hot in the basement.

Helen Flood's Top Recommended Novels

The psychologist

Completely true. What happened depends on the time that has passed and the way you see the world at the moment you evoke a memory. It is not a question of the overflowing imagination of a child who tells you about what happened yesterday in his games. We are all subject to the subjective variability of our own world. From there, the trompe l'oeil of any suspense novel takes on an unsuspected significance ...

That psychology goes a long way in thrillers or crime novels is obvious in emblematic cases such as Thomas harris and his Hannibal or John katzenbach with his psychoanalyst revisited. So for the first time Helene Flood start with a first novel Black on which to pour your knowledge about professional performance as a psychologist adds many entry points.

Then there is the start with sufficient rhythm, awakening the typical concerns of the thriller reader. Nothing better than an untimely disappearance that upsets Sara's entire life, the protagonist suddenly reconverted into the center of a macabre joke.

Because nobody knows anything about her husband Sigurd's strange excuses for disappearing. And his message on the phone turns against her. Because if he was about to go out with his friends and never came ...

The police see it in a very different way than Sara presents it to us. And we are trying to trust Sara to believe. But suspenseful plots can always have unexpected twists. And no one better than a psychologist to pretend what she is not. But no, we are reluctant to believe that Sara is the bad one. She has introduced us to history and it is she who must lead us towards the light of her truth.

Everything has to be up to Sigurd, capable of devising his plan with malice and treachery, leaving a message on the phone because he knew she couldn't pick it up at the right time ... But of course, then we ended up completely losing our place. Because poor Sara seems the target of God knows what a crazy plan. Cameras, microphones, a complex system to spy on her that stuns cops, Sara and ourselves.

Without Sigurd there is no way to find the keys to the matter. And finding him alive seems essential. Because there is no other clue, not even the slightest trace of someone who has taken care so meticulously in tracing Sara's life as the traceability of a highly valued target for what the hell it was ...



Raising a suspenseful play around a community is one of the most fruitful in Spain. From Alex de la Iglesia's film to any second call meeting between the inhabitants of our respective homes. Something that can be from the most ordinary and soporific to something unexpectedly epic and apotheosis ...

In Kastanjesvingen, a quiet neighborhood one step away from the tumult of the city inhabited by doctors, artists and people from the world of television, nothing ever happens, it is the kind of place that everyone would want for their children. Rikke lives there, in one of the four spacious apartments in the complex, with her family: her husband Asmund and their children Emma and Lukas. Their lives are calm, harmonious, perfect.

But everything changes when the body of one of the neighbors, Jørgen, stabbed in his house appears. As the police investigate and the press stalk the neighbors, it becomes clear that everyone had a motive for murdering Jørgen, even Rikke herself, who soon realizes how little she really knows about the people who live next to her. . Maybe they didn't get along so well and maybe everyone is hiding something, because ... How much do they really know about each other?


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