The kisses, by Manuel Vilas

It has been a long time since I have found myself Manuel Vilas by social networks. Whims of the Facebook algorithm or rather default on my part. The point is that that of his hand-to-hand conversations with God via RRSS, when he called him for consultations, seems to have been parked. Success is like that, one leaves everything, even God. And now the Maker will go around eating the ears of other writers, perhaps Proust who has it closer to hand, or Sánchez Dragó, who knows?.

But it is that Vilas walks with little time for almost nothing. Because lately it is going to bestsellers per year since it took half the world for a walk through Ordesa. Now he wants to make us kiss, with the mononucleosis that is around ... But Vilas always ends up winning us with his untied pen and his way of telling things as if they were the last times, the last kisses and until the last day.

March, 2020. A teacher leaves Madrid for medical prescription, goes to a cabin in the mountains and meets a passionate woman fifteen years younger. He is called Salvador; she, Montserrat, and between the two grows a full and unexpected trust, full of revelations.

Their meetings are a great bath of light. Salvador is excited and changes her name, calls her Altisidora, like a character from the Quixote. Both fall in love and build a mature relationship, with the precautions of their bodies and memories: the past constantly reappears.

The kisses is a novel of romantic and idealized love, but also of skin and carnal love, of how in the middle of a universal crisis two human beings try to return to the biological and atavistic homeland of eroticism, that mysterious place where men and women find the most meaningful meaning. deep of life.

You can now buy the book «Los besos», by Manuel Vilas, here:


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