Stefan Ahnhem's Top 3 Books

The reign of Camilla Lackberg in the Swedish noir he is threatened by a Stefan ahnhem that little by little is reaching the same level of international popularity. Although deep down the issue may be more complementarity. Because thematically the novels of both are far from sharing common scenarios (descriptively I mean, not geographically where logically there are analogies).

Everything is a question of the way of narrating, of the style. And in that Ahnhem is more like Norwegian Jo nesbo than his already mentioned compatriot. Because she is the queen of miscegenation between characters and landscape, with a telluric point that fascinates a lot in parts of the world far from those spaces of northern Europe, where the sun seems to impose different circadian cycles on the inhabitants of those lands. For better or worse…

Ahnhem is more than noir without excuses. Something like an intention of the motives for the crime that our good friend the Detective Fabian Risk He always tries to unravel with that determination between heroic and suicidal of the great researchers of yesterday and always. Risk is reckless, heartless so as not to be affected by the evil he discovers. But thanks to Risk, the murderers in the shadows have to look very hard to contain their animosity to deliver their dark theatrical blows without leaving the slightest clue.

Stefan Anhem's Top 3 Recommended Novels

18 below zero

Only the cold makes us immortal. Only preserved under the ice can we preserve our most physical being while waiting for an impossible second chance. The most treacherous murderer can contemplate this fact as his best way of preserving his works of death, as in a frozen museum that retains forever that look of horror from its victims, that minimal embers of life in its bright ice eyes.

Until the work of art seems to cease to have value because no one can go to the museum of the psychopath on duty to discover his works in an ostentatious and insane inauguration. So maybe the time has come to get the work out on the streets. As in a performance devised by the worst disturbed that we can imagine ...

A car speeds through the streets of Helsingør. When he reaches the port, the driver continues on his way, and plunges directly into the cold, dark sea. But it is not a suicide. The autopsy reveals that this man has been dead for some time. He was killed two months ago and his body has been frozen. As more bodies are discovered, Fabian Risk must hunt down an assassin who appears to have a mission: preserve the corpse of his victims and create the perfect death.


The ninth tomb

When crime novels dot even spheres of power, the matter reaches a greater echo. It's as if we're delving into that sordidness of power, into the real ins and outs beyond good looks and diplomacy. In a world where corruption cannot seem to be eradicated even by a deaf rather than blind justice, everything that can happen in a more ominous way ends up being discovered as the most abominable tale of the power that directs us.

One cold winter day, the Swedish Minister of Justice gets out of his car and disappears in the middle of a snowstorm. Around the same time, the wife of a famous Danish TV star is brutally murdered in her luxurious home north of Copenhagen.

Detective Fabian Risk and his Danish counterpart Dunja Hougaard quickly put the pieces together in both murders. But as time passes, their investigations begin to unravel, as they find themselves drawn into a conspiracy far worse than anyone could ever imagine.


Tomorrow it's your turn

The first novel, already around the protagonism of Fabian Risk. A story that captivated millions of readers and that awakened that narrative vein of an author who ended up outlining Risk in new installments before and after the historical moment of this first film. Risk then came to stay and new plots will assail us with their unexpected twists ... Nothing better to start with than an already known structure. Several eventual protagonists who are falling. A frantic countdown that evokes police classics only recreating in death to focus even more if possible on the final motives for the most destructive hatred.

Twenty former classmates, two victims and a murderer. Who will be next? Two bodies are found brutally murdered. Their bodies are marked with some of the sins that the killer seemed to know about. Only one clue is found at both crime scenes: a class photo from 1982, with two faces marked.

There are 18 men and women in that photo who are still alive, and one of them is the detective in charge of the case. Fabian Risk believed that his student days were behind him. Now his former teammates are being killed for their sins from his past. Who is the fierce assassin who has returned to proclaim his revenge?


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