Maja Lunde's 3 best books

There are authors who exploit a genre with that mastery that gives in-depth knowledge of all the resources and tools. Everything is for that formula of success that can mean the change from the simple taste for writing to the trade thanks to that ability to focus creativity towards best-selling novels. And the matter is very good, of course.

Then there are authors like Maja lunden who always seem to be looking for new challenges, changing scenarios, arguments that are far from each other. And when the narrator on duty has that gift to convey absolutely empathetic stories to us, the commitment to the unclassifiable ends up also leading to an even more satisfying success.

Arrival from youth literature, this writer offers us in her still short bibliography for adults plots that can only be defined as current literature, waiting for the passage of time to make it classic or imperishable. Because addressing issues of social conscience, or entering from another prism into very particular intrahistories of our time can only lead to a diverse and surprising work.

Maja Lunden's Top 3 Recommended Novels

History of bees

Nature offers us decadent glimpses of what it was. The gradual disappearance of bees or fireflies are those little signs of the imbalances of our essential ecosystem. It is true that bees are still busy in their man-made hives to obtain honey. But it is that nothing or almost nothing is as before, not even for the "simple" insects.

History of the bees, the revelation novel of Norwegian letters, is an epic and global story in which, through three intertwined narratives, Maja Lunde reflects on human beings and their relationship with nature over time. In 1852 England, William, a naturalist and seed merchant in his prime, struggles to develop an entirely new type of hive that will earn him and his children fame and respect.

George is a beekeeper from the United States who in 2007 puts all his hopes that his university son will continue with the sacrificed family business. In the China of the year 2098, where the bees have disappeared and with them the world as it was known, Tao is dedicated to manual pollination, with the desire to give his son a better life than his own. Maja Lunde unfolds in this ambitious novel an extensive canvas where, at the same time she shows the first and humble attempts of the human being in the field of beekeeping, today's industrial beekeeping and a future in which these insects will have completely extinguished, it also explores with subtlety and depth family relationships, development and the environment.


The water novel

That nature will outlive us humans is unquestionable. Once our persistent path towards self-destruction that manages to lead us to disaster is finished, everything will be reborn. As in that strange scenario of a Chernobyl even today without people where flora and fauna proliferate with the wild power of the reconquest. Looking to the future is pointing to dystopia. Beyond foolishness and blind complacency, only a shred of hope remains.

What if there was no going back? What if the situation on the planet was irreversible? A revealing novel about the effects of climate change.

In 2019, Signe, a seventy-year-old activist, embarks on a dangerous journey to cross an entire ocean by sailboat. She has a unique and all-consuming mission: to find Magnus, her former lover, who is depleting a local glacier to sell the ice to Saudi Arabia as a luxury item.

In 2041, David flees with his young daughter, Lou, from southern Europe ravaged by war and drought. They have become separated from the rest of their family and are on a desperate search to find each other again when they find Signe's abandoned sailing ship in a dry garden in France, miles from the nearest shore.

When David and Lou discover the personal effects of Signe's travels, their survival journey intertwines with Signe's to weave an inspiring and moving story about the power of nature and the human spirit.



Since the Fama series brought us closer to the world of dance and dance back in the eighties, juicy stories about the passion for dance keep coming back periodically. Serve the phenomenon of Billy Elliot as a sample ... And the fact that dance can be a vertical expression of a horizontal desire already says a lot about what the expression of our body to the rhythm of music can awaken us. Unexpected wishes for life in abundance.

Amalie has it all: talent for dance, a place in the best dance school in Oslo, friends and a life full of luxury. But everything changes when his father's business collapses and they have to move to a small suburban apartment.

In his new neighborhood he meets Mikael, a hip-hop dancer very different from his peers, and they soon start dancing together. Although is dance enough to unite two people when their origins are so different? In this novel halfway between Dirty Dancing and Step Up, Maja Lunde, one of the most internationally successful Norwegian authors, presents a moving declaration of love for dance and honesty that was made into a film in 2018.


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