Laura Lippman's top 3 books

Interestingly the works of Laura lippman they are translated to a greater extent for his individual works beyond the extensive series around Tess Monaghan. And it is that, also curiously if I may reiterate, the freedom of the individual plots make up in the bibliography of this author a unique scenography that assails us from casuistry that connect with a very tangible realism and then go peering into those black wells where it can fall from the passionate.

Premeditated crime beyond homicide always has an emotion behind it, heartbreak, envy, resentment, the most generalized animosity. The question is, as in a list of deadly sins that take over the protagonists of their plots, to discover where the plot will break.

Black in style, with its mysteries made overwhelming suspense. The Lippman thing has that perfect claim to the fusion between the soaked deduction of the most visceral part capable of splashing the soul with the smelly sensation of evil. An author always surprising and even hurtful, the effect that any black novel defeated towards the emotional must understand.

Top 3 Recommended Novels by Laura Lippman

Burned skin

There are hells already anticipated in remote spaces, especially in that deep America that has been portrayed so many times in road novels or similar. Only this time we move from the usual central or western United States to the east coast. Delaware also has its hot and humid summers. An ideal space for adventures that you never know how they might end... A psychological thriller about two lovers trapped in a macabre game of passion and a cold-blooded murder.

Polly and Adam meet in a bar in Belleville, a small town in Delaware. She travels west and he claims to be passing through. Still, she stays and so does he, drawn to that mysterious redhead whose voluptuous body contrasts with her icy demeanor. A powerful carnal impulse magnetizes the two protagonists and lasts a more intense summer than any present, because it may be the last. In Belleville, where so many women have tried to embark to escape domestic tightness, a heroine decides to take charge of her own destiny.

What the dead know

The fragility of memory closed under several locks by oblivion. The atrocity of what could have happened as a past always looming like a dark storm. A fascinating novel by Laura Lippman full of mystery and suspense that will captivate readers.

In 1975, the sisters Bethany, aged eleven and fifteen, disappeared in a shopping center. They never returned, their bodies were never found and hundreds of questions remained unanswered: how could they kidnap two girls in a crowded shopping center? Who or what managed to lure them without leaving a trace?

Thirty years later, a strange woman who has been involved in a traffic accident claims to be the youngest of the girls. But his confession and the subsequent evasions with which he responds to the investigators only deepen the mystery. Where have you been all these years? Why have you waited so long to come back? There is no single piece of evidence to back up his story, and every clue he gives to the police appears to be a dead end.

In a story that travels back and forth in time, only one person dares to distrust the woman who claims to be one of the Bethany sisters and refuses to reveal the fate of the other.

What the dead know

When I'm gone

For Lippman nothing better than a past as the best wardrobe from which to recover ghosts. Of those that come out when you least expect it among the seasonal clothes ...

In 1959,When Felix Brewer meets Bernadette Bambi Gottschalk at a Valentine's dance, she is not yet twenty. Felix seduces her with promises, of which she will only keep some of them. They marry and, thanks to his lucrative business dealings - sometimes not entirely legal - Bambi and her three young daughters live in luxury. But on July 4, 1976, that comfortable world collapses when Felix, threatened with going to jail, disappears.

Although Bambi ignores the whereabouts of her husband and also that of his money, she suspects that there is a woman who knows both: Julie, Felix's young lover. When Julie also disappears ten years later, everyone assumes that she has reunited with her former lover ... until they discover her corpse in a lonely park.

Now, twenty-six years later, Roberto Sandy Sánchez, a retired Baltimore detective working on old unsolved cases, investigates Julie's murder. What he discovers is a dark plot, a mixture of bitterness, jealousy, resentment, greed and longings that spans five decades, at the center of which is the man who, despite having long disappeared, has never been forgotten. for the five women who loved him: the enigmatic Felix Brewer.

Other interesting books by Laura Lippman

The Lady of the Lake

Every self-respecting murderer must find his lake where he can submerge his deceased. Because in the end you always wait for a remote period of drought to arrive. Then the evidences of evil appear again for everyone to doubt. And perhaps, in the absence of reliable clues about the murderer, all that remains is to know the modus operandi and the reasons for the silence around that remote death barely reported...

Baltimore, 1966. Maddie, mother and perfect wife, decides one night, impulsively, to give it all up and become a journalist, ready to fulfill her youthful dreams. When the body of a young woman is washed up in a lake, Maddie sees an opportunity to make a name for herself and shed light on this crime, despite her general indifference. What she doesn't realize is the amount of trouble she'll cause by pursuing a story no one wants her to tell.

The Lady of the Lake is not only a fascinating account of a criminal investigation, but also the story of two women who expressed their commitment to fight against the destiny that had been handed to them, in which racism, sexism and discrimination are intertwined. class struggle in America in the XNUMXs.

The Lady of the Lake
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