The 3 best books of Frank Herbert

The American writer Frank Herbert was totally right with his recreations between the dystopian sci-fi, epic fantasy, space opera and even philosophy. The base resource had already been surveyed by previous authors such as Huxley and would be exploited by many other after type Pratchett or the huge Tolkien . And even his contemporary Asimov It can also be considered within the same genre CiFi in charge of transcending. Because in the end it is in many cases to present new worlds that ended up becoming recognizable in their notion of replica of our civilization.

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From the metaphor or even the hyperbole of our passage through the cosmos, approaches of all kinds can be projected. The question is knowing how to enrich it from the sociological to the most fanciful to offer that kind of synthesis replicated in scenographies to the taste of the author. In its dune saga, Herbert managed to combine, in an exquisite and precise way, elucubrations at the highest level with lively plots thanks to the natural point of adventure that every trip to the ends of the universe supposes, in addition to the recreation of characters as far away from our world as they are next in that content of the spiritual turned into cosmic dust that covers everything.

Top 3 Recommended Novels by Frank Herbert


In the cinema it is discussed which is the best CiFi film. Some say it is «2001. Odyssey in space ”, while others say it is“ Blade Runner ”. In literature, specialized critics are unanimous in pointing out Dune as the best science fiction novel in this notion of the interplanetary made genre in itself.

On the desert planet Arrakis, water is the most precious commodity and mourning the dead, the symbol of maximum prodigality. But something makes Arrakis a strategic piece for the interests of the Emperor, the Great Houses and the Guild, the three great powers of the galaxy. Arrakis is the only known origin of melange, a precious spice and one of the most coveted goods in the universe.

Duke Leto Atreides is assigned the rule of this inhospitable world, inhabited by untamed Fremen and monstrous sandworms hundreds of meters long. However, when the family is betrayed, their son and heir, Paul, embarks on a journey to a greater destination than he could ever dream of.

Fascinating mix of adventure, mysticism, political intrigue and environmentalism, Dune, it became, from the moment of its publication, a cult phenomenon and the greatest science fiction epic of all time.


Messiah of Dune

Arrakis, also called Dune: a desert world in pursuit of the dream of becoming a paradise, the cradle of a thousand wars that have spread throughout the universe and a messianic yearning that tries to achieve the oldest dream of humanity ...

Paul Atreides: a mythical character, disturbed by the nearby presence of a dominant shadow: his sister Alia. And in front of them, the great economic, political and religious interests that shake the interstellar spaces: the CHOAM, the Space Guild, the Landsraad, the Bene Gesserit ... All this, and much more, makes up this second installment of Dune: an impressive fresco and a masterpiece of the imagination.


God Emperor of Dune

Dune started out small, a regular issue in some small magazine. Until everything began to grow, as if surpassing the author himself to reach that level of the work in search of a hand capable of collecting it in an anthological narrative challenge.

This fourth installment of the "Dune" saga centers its plot on the messianic figure of Leto Atreides II (son of Paul Atreides, a hero whose line has its roots in the legendary Greek house of the Atrides) and takes us through various dilemmas ethical, to understand the myths that humanity needs and the heroes who embody them. The future, in the world of Dune, belongs only to those who are capable of thinking for themselves.

This exciting saga presents for the first time in a complete, rational and convincing way a whole world completely different from ours. Its references to ecological problems, the power of drugs and the force of myths have made it a cult work for millions of readers around the world.


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