Ben Lerner's Top 3 Books

It is always written, in part, from the author's own perspective. It is undeniable to consider that, among the psychological profiles of the protagonists on duty, there are always brushstrokes of the creator given to the titanic task of recreating new worlds. Ben lener however it goes further and draws on an evident transmutation, a disguise brought from its own reality.

The result is that open grave literature, that realism also charged with the fantasy of the existentialist. As a Foenkinos to the Yankee passed through the sieve of an idiosyncrasy that is also Spanish. Different traces of life embedded in a current narrative, so that the reader discovers that essential aroma of what unites us all in this to get ahead despite everything.

Compounding humor, irony, that touch of day-to-day tragedy and brilliant ramblings towards nothingness and above all. Background and form supporting the pillars of what literature is as a chronicle and as something comparable to a symphony with its different phases. Discovering Lerner is to attend to reality as only a writer ends up discovering it, determined that we can all feel the same.

Top 3 Recommended Ben Lerner Novels


Major things happen at odd hours, without round numbers or representative dates. History is written about coincidences capable of changing everything, not only what is recorded in the almanacs but also in all the intrahistories strung together by the sum of instants.

10:04 introduces us to a young New York writer who has undergone great changes in the last year: he has achieved significant literary recognition, has been diagnosed with a potentially serious illness and his best friend has asked him for sperm to get inseminated.

His doubts about it end up leading him to have a fanciful conversation (in the purest Woody Allen style) with his hypothetical son about the meaninglessness of being a father in a world in a terminal state. At the same time, he begins a sexual relationship with an emerging artist in the visual arts who likes to be suffocated during intercourse… She is also interested in the Occupy Wall Street movement, offering her house so that the protesters can wash up.

And life is mixed with literary creation: all the stories, which overlap, affect the perception of reality, the difference between what really happens and what we think happens. Thus, the protagonist will begin to overcome his block. The end result will be the story you send to The New Yorker. And while all of this is going on, New York City is on alert for Hurricane Sandy ...


The Topeka Institute

We all have a past, Lerner too. The question is knowing how to put an alter ego in front of that past capable enough to face what we were and based on that what is left of us ...

Adam Gordon, class of 97, is in his final year at Topeka High School in Kansas. It's one of the boys cool high school, has a girlfriend, and is the star of the debate team. Now he is expected to win the national championship. Together with their psychotherapist parents, they form the typical American family of intellectuals, Jews and Democrats. The mother, a famous feminist writer accused by many of the penis envy syndrome, faces the challenge of raising her son in a place dominated by toxic masculinity. The father, who has a special gift for dealing with so-called "hopeless cases," manages to get Darren Eberheart, friendless, girlfriend and excluded from any activity, to start socializing, despite the humiliations of his peers.

From these four perspectives and with a dazzling command of language, Ben Lerner offers us the portrait of a generation overwhelmed by excess of well-being. Awarded with the Los Angeles Times Book Prize and a Pulitzer finalist, this stimulating and ambitious novel shows us the prelude to the troubled American present, marked by the information avalanche, the failure of political speeches, trolls, the New Right and the identity crisis of the middle-class white man.


Leaving Atocha station

Just as the chicha calm is by itself the prelude to every storm, every moment lived is antagonistic to what comes later. There are no middle terms or breaks. It is comical or tragic, depending on how you look at it or depending on how you live. The point is that laughter preludes tears and tears, with more time and patience, sometimes return the smile in response. As long as one is still young to be able to leave skins behind ...

Adam Gordon, heteronym of the author and protagonist of Saliendo de la Estación de Atocha, enjoys a prestigious scholarship in Madrid to carry out what he grandly calls a "poetic project." However, he also tries to unravel his identity, as well as his relationship with art. Spurred on by huge amounts of coffee that he reduces with tranquilizers that he prescribes, Adam's search will lead him to a city that is about to experience an important chapter in its history.

With a mutant prose that moves between tragedy and comedy, disdain and mockery, this novel made Ben Lerner the most awarded author of recent years, being selected as best novel by an endless list of media, among the that stand out: The New Yorker, Newsweek, The Boston Globe, The Guardian, New York Magazine o USA Today.


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