3 best books by Francisco González Ledesma

If you want to talk about crime novels, what is the real Spanish crime novel, with its influences from American pioneers such as Hammett o Chandler  and at the same time full of personality in its most indigenous register, we have no choice but to surrender to the figure of donation Francisco González Ledesma and his profuse work.

Because ... did you know that he wrote about 1.000 western novels under the pseudonym Silver Kane? It is really fascinating to think of such ease of narration. Although you have to recognize the lightness of this type of western novels, you have to be able to write them in a single lifetime to be able to speak with knowledge of the facts ...

But the truth is that the good came later. Freed from the useful Yankee pseudonym that labeled so many novels from the 50s and 60s, González Ledesma was able to grant himself the pleasure of writing novels of much greater significance and significance.

Top novels by Francisco González Ledesma

Sentimental chronicle in red

This novel came to me from an ex. Her stamp of winner of the Planet of 84 encouraged me to read it. That it continued with absolute relish was a matter of turning the first page. A new Barcelona, ​​how to say it…, underground, it opened before me with an unusual power.

The bloody reality that runs through suburbs, slums and posh offices with the same naturalness completely invaded me as a reader. The spirit between disenchanted and melancholic of Inspector Méndez moves you between the contradictory sensations of the case to be solved.

Because González Ledesma knows better than anyone to describe the rabid humanity of the underworld, while caricaturing the personalities who hold money and power. He only seeks the truth of what happened, and yet by inhabiting his personality we end up living a different city, as if submerged in the splendorous city that is sold in any tourist magazine.

A novel with a dizzying pace but deep moments of deep breathing. Tasty dialogues, disturbing plot, but above all excellent monologues as a description of a reality always in trouble.


Five and a half women

In the television news you can see the injustice of any case. The victims are more victims if they belong to the lucky first world. From the deaths of a rich country compared to a poor one to the disappearance of a wealthy person in front of that of a heartless villain.

But Inspector Méndez has already passed by the losers for days, perhaps not like Robin Hood, but like a bad dog tired of responding to the voice of its master.

The case of Palmira Canadell, raped and murdered, did not finish on any prime-time newscast, until one of the rapists and murderers of the young woman appeared executed. And then yes, everything will acquire a special dimension. Only at that time Inspector Méndez will have a head advantage in the investigation over everyone else.


You don't have to die twice

Crime happens more than we think. Murder as a malicious and premeditated act supposes a will for summary justice, an intention to avoid the natural intervention of justice, a decision to pay off debts with the highest price. And if you have to kill twice, you kill yourself.

The murders in this novel seem scattered facts, not intertwined at all. And yet there may be a relationship. We find what is probably the most detective novel by González Ledesma.

The investigative skills of the old policeman will lead us through a wicked plan where the murderer seems to recreate in death his hatred for the world.


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