The substance of evil, by Luca D´Andrea

The substance of evil, by Luca D´Andrea
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There is more than one analogy between this book The substance of evil and the bestseller The truth about the Harry Quebert case. I do not mean by this that the books replicate their plots. I don't mean that at all. It's just curious, to begin with, that the title of this novel looks so much like the one in the book The origin of evil, a work that hides much of the mystery of the well-known Joël Dicker bestseller.

If to this we add the unsolved cases of the death of Nola in 1975 and that of the Schaltzmann family that assails us in this case and that occurred in 1985, it can be considered that both works have a twin thread that they pull throughout the plot .

But the style of each author is what it is, and I will not be the one to compare.

In this case, the investigator of the death of the Schatzlmann family will be Jeremiah Salinger, a documentarian used to extracting information from wherever it is needed. When he learned of the ominous murder of the indicated family, back in 1985 he began to investigate to find out what could have happened.

Silence as any answer. From his in-laws, a native of the area, to any improvised witness that he wants to look for. Nobody knows or wants to know anything about what happened.

Jeremíah knows that silence, it is fear that generates it, like a stream filtered from the unique and nearby Dolomite mountains. And he also knows that the same fear can turn against him. The human being, once scared, can become violent ...

But once he is fully involved in the case, Jeremiah cannot abandon him. The idea of ​​a murdered family, with its members brutally mutilated, is too hard for him to bear.

When everyone in a place is afraid it can be for two reasons: It may well be that the case splashes them for some reason or it could also be that something strange, anomalous, supernatural and obviously macabre buried everyone's will.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the plot will hook you from the first moment. The microcosm of characters from the small town feel so close that you will seem to breathe their fear and intuit their troubled soul.

An incomparable crime novel, to finally close all connection with any previous work by any author. The only really certain thing is that it does not disappoint the lovers of crime novel like me.

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