Anger, by Zygmunt Miloszewski

The wrath
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The noir genre, with its various ramifications already accepted as variants that range from the police to the thriller, spreads throughout the world as the literary trend that to a greater extent preserves the reading pull among all those who retain a taste for reading.

Europe is perhaps the continent where writers from here and there proliferate with the greatest intensity, from our Dolores Round or also Javier Castillo even other young writers like Franck thilliez in France, Luca D'Andrea in Italy or Jo nesbo in Norway.

From one end of Europe to the other, the youngest writers take the witness of a black genre open to a multitude of possibilities to end up disconcerting, surprising, tensing and capturing the reader.

And also in Poland we find one of those new intense voices, because Zygmunt Miloszewski has emerged as a narrator of special intelligence to summarize plot and rhythm, to approach the dark side of our reality with that intense sinister certainty of what is close.

There is nothing better to catch in the reading of a crime novel than to introduce ourselves to some protagonists in charge of doing good who move on the tightrope of their personal circumstances. Because we can all know a lot about that, about the fragility with which we sometimes face evil in any of its representations ...

Teodor Szacki is not the prototype of an investigator tortured by his past and who travels dangerously between the friendly side of the world and its intricate underlying mechanism, almost always given over to sordid interests. He is a prosecutor and has always been an example in the exercise of his activity, only that at the moment in which this story unfolds, Teodor succumbs to that fragility. Things are not going well for him and it may not be the best time to face a ruthless criminal ...

The issue of a woman who suffers abuse points to that strange assumption of routine for which Teodor knows how to act under the usual patterns of defense of the potential victim. But this time something escapes him, it is not only a case of abuse, and the omission of certain details end up favoring a chain of macabre events.

That Teodor is able to link everything will be essential to approach the case properly. The chain of murders that ensue points directly to a criminal mind at its best. And Teodor needs to balance his personal plot to the maximum if he does not want to end up failing miserably, with the deaths under his consciousness of ineffectiveness ...

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