Between dreams, by Elio Quiroga

Between dreams, by Elio Quiroga
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While Elio Quiroga he made his way into the world of cinema, his collections of poems were also appearing in that transit through editorials of every budding writer or poet.

But to speak of Elio Quiroga today is to consider the multifaceted creator, poet, screenwriter and novelist with a background that ranges from a Goya nomination to the prestigious 2015 Minotauro award, which stands as the best Fantasy or Science Fiction work of the year in Spain.

And it is precisely that field of the fantastic or science fiction ends up being a fertile field in which ideas can always germinate halfway between the merely narrative and the cinematographic.

And there we find this new novel Between dreams.

Nothing better than a place like the canary observatory of Roque de los Muchachos, with one of the most powerful telescopes in the world, to focus this novel with a claustrophobic point and reminiscences of the film "The glow" and at the same time culminating in a proposal that addresses this most accessible science fiction, that of all of us who on some occasion stop to gaze fascinated at the stars.

Sonia and Juan make the perfect professional and personal couple. They both love astrophysics and around that cosmic passion they have also forged a love that has just united them forever.

Only by those limits of "forever", so in tune with an infinite universe, ends up sneaking a thrilling story that summarizes psychological suspense, intrigue, a good dose of terror and a cinematographic rhythm perfectly led by the film director turned writer .

Because Robert was not invited to that "idyllic honeymoon trip" to the telescope on La Palma, where the couple is preparing to carry out a job that will keep them busy alone for several days. And yet his unsuspected appearance is a climax for Sonia and Juan.

Wherever that presence that wants to accompany them in their solitary investigation of the stars has come from, it has ended up interfering in Juan's dreams, until he has gained more and more parcels from the one of whom he has made his guest.

You can now buy the novel Entre los Sueños, the new book by Elio Quiroga, here:

Between dreams, by Elio Quiroga

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