eagle's claws

Lisbeth Salander is a lot of Lisbeth. And her Machiavellian feminism necessarily ends up extending to new arguments that her late creator would never imagine. Stieg Larsson. By the way, it seems like yesterday that the original author passed away but it's been a couple of decades without him.

Surely Larsson would have raised new scenarios. Or perhaps he would have decided to give Lisbeth a well-deserved rest, an honorable retirement that would give her that legendary point of disappeared idols. But in the hands of new authors like David lagercrantz and now Karin Smirnoff among others, the now grown girl continues displaying her intelligence at the service of the battle against evil and misogyny with her same wicked weapons.

Multiple interests are at stake in Northern Sweden: sparsely inhabited lands rich in natural resources are coveted by the most powerful multinationals under the guise of environmentalism. Corruption and easy money soon attract the most dangerous criminal groups. This is where Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist head for different reasons: Salander has been informed by social services that her teenage niece, Svala, needs a legal guardian after her mother disappeared, and Mikael attends his daughter's wedding with one. of the most influential politicians in the region.

The cold north will become the stage in which Lisbeth Salander, Mikael Blomkvist and the indomitable Svala will face a network of corruption based on the exploitation of renewable energies and will combat violence against women, in the midst of a political environment in which the extreme right rises unstoppably.

You can now buy the novel "The Eagle's Claws", by Karin Smirnoff, the seventh installment of the Millennium saga, here:

eagle's claws
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