Different, by Eloy Moreno

Fine-tuning in the reading, currently a certain narrative harmony is discovered between Eloy Moreno y Albert Espinosa. Because both draw their novels with that stamp of authenticity around the stridencies of living and their unsuspected final symphonies of the most fascinating. It would be something like that, while philosophers address all spaces of human existence, the literature of types like these two simply extends the notion of life. Understanding life or "simply" deciphering it under other parameters further away from the intellectual, or at least where the intellectual is at the service of the emotions.

It is true that we are all capable of empathizing to a greater extent with those submissive, alienated, lost neighbors ... Because suffering from injustice makes us feel more human in the benevolent sense of the matter. But only the mimicry of good literature ends up clinging to those feelings more firmly, reconciling us even spiritually. Only, so that the matter does not turn out to be hackneyed, Eloy Moreno has always drawn on ingenuity, estrangement, and brilliant metaphors. We couldn't expect less from him this time. Different…

More than 600.000 readers await the new novel by Eloy Moreno, one of the most widely read and loved writers. Like his previous books, the new novel by Eloy Moreno vindicates and fights for important values ​​in our society, always through a plot full of enigmas and surprises.

On this occasion, the author talks about difference and normality, two concepts that, perhaps, are not reflected as the reader expects. To know more, we will have to read the novel

«For me a novel is like a gift, if they tell you what is inside it loses all grace. That's why I never like to tell what my books are about, that's why I practically never put anything against my novels. The beauty of a story is that you get into it without knowing what you are going to find. "

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