The 3 best films by the great John Malkovich

John Malkovich movies

There are those who consider that John Malkovich is the most egotistical actor of those who have passed through Hollywood. Making a movie called "Being John Malkovich" sounded like absolute vainglory. Nor is the idea of ​​writing and starring in another movie titled "100 Years: The Movie That Never Left Behind."

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Gerard Butler's 3 best films

Gerard Butler movies

Since that mythical Leonidas made flesh and blood with touches of epic comics, Gerard Butler's move was to rise to film stardom with new roles that abounded in his heroic hook. Surely without becoming one of the front-line actors, but being recognized enough as...

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Tom Hardy's 3 best movies

tom hardy movies

The transition from complementary actor to protagonist is not always easy. In fact, it doesn't always end up happening. Hence many actors complain that all films are shot by the same 5 or 6 actors. But in Tom Hardy's tenacity and his worth we can find it...

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Anna Castillo's 3 best movies

Anna Castillo movies

What Anna Castillo does is an exponential interpretative evolution. I discovered her, like so many of us, with that 2017 musical comedy "The Call" and from then until today we have been discovering the virtues of her profession from a captivating personality and a charisma of those that are becoming more seasoned...

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Jennifer Lawrence's Top 3 Movies

Jennifer Lawrence Movies

An actress who collects interpretive registers as if her chameleonic virtue were something easy to put into practice. No doubt Jennifer Lawrence would delight a great director of yesteryear like Hitchcock. Because in it we can find that unsuspected background that cinema always seeks as a surprise factor. Something …

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Henry Cavill's 3 best movies

Henry Cavill Movies

Once Henry Cavill puts his Superman cape in the closet due to the production company's imperative, his unboxing towards more creatively suggestive interpretive horizons will undoubtedly be interesting. Because in Henry Cavill you can sense greater interpretive powers beyond the pose and posture of the...

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Blake Lively's 3 best movies

Blake Lively movies

The thing with Blake Lively and acting was just a matter of time. Because the same thing happened with his brothers as all heirs of the film business on their father and mother's side. Something like the Bardem in Spain, if I remember right now some simile that will spread throughout...

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Kevin Bacon's 3 Best Movies

Kevin Bacon movies

Kevin Bacon does not need any overacting or histrionics to reach us in whatever emotions the scene in question requires. What this actor has is the innate gift that hardly requires any maceration, nor additives, nor other tricks beyond the use of a fallen personality and charisma...

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Bradley Cooper's 3 Best Movies

Bradley Cooper movies

A face of a horny guy, of a colleague with whom to go out for a few drinks and finish at midnight. In his friendly appearance he reminds me a little of Ryan Reynolds, with whom I have a strange relationship as a viewer because he reminds me of a long-time friend...

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Top 3 Joaquin Phoenix Movies

Joaquin Phoenix movies

There are actors who disappear and reappear at the least unexpected moment. It happened with John Travolta, thanks to Tarantino, in "Pulp Fiction." And it happened much the same way with Joaquin Phoenix in the Joker, the most acidic Batman villain ever written. A similar effect, a resurgence of great seismic intensity…

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Mark Wahlberg's 3 best movies

Mark Whalberg movies

Mark may have been right in his complaint about Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio hogging the best scripts. And a restless guy like him can't wait for interpretations to come his way. So lately we see him more as a producer or in charge of…

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Anne Hathaway's 3 Best Movies

Anne Hathaway movies

Hathaway's crystalline gaze and angelic face may limit her when it comes to taking on roles that require greater doses of depth towards more hidden areas of the human being. Although we could think something similar about Natalie Portman and there you have her embroidering interpretations of what...

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