Ryan Gosling's Top 3 Movies

ryan gosling movies

Friend Ryan radiates melancholy even as he flashes one of his smiles. It is something that seems to cross the screen as it happens in the case of Johnny Depp but in blonde. Gosling knows how to handle that charm perfectly, a magnetism that could confront him with the danger of being typecast in romantic roles but that …

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The 3 best films of Ana de Armas

Ana de Armas movies

That little girl from the series "El internado" had charm. But in other cases it has already happened that the good reception of a series could mean the successful death of many of its protagonists already separated from the common cinematographic imaginary. That the case of Ana de Armas managed to escape…

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Top 3 Ewan McGregor Movies

Ewan McGregor movies

Behind the great figures of cinema there is a second line full of actors and actresses eager to get into action to snatch handfuls of cinematographic glory from the Pitt, Deep, DiCaprio and company. Ewan McGregor is one of those solid, solid actors. An interpreter capable of…

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Russell Crowe's Top 3 Movies

Russell Crowe movies

It is worth that Russell Crowe throws a lot of frown as a resource for many of his scenes. And it seems that he has been physically abandoned in recent years (or at least that is said in the face of what may be any other problem or even script requirements). But no …

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Javier Cámara's 3 best films

Javier Camara movies

It seems to me that Spanish cinema is more democratic, more adjusted to the reality of the acting virtues. Comparing it to Hollywood, I mean. Because in yankeeland if you are handsome you can learn to act on the fly, meanwhile you dazzle the viewer from the physical to …

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The 3 Best Daniel Day-Lewis Movies

Books by Daniel Day-Lewis

As time goes by, we will miss a genius of interpretation such as Daniel Day-Lewis. It would be a thing of that intensity with which he assumed each role, the point is that he probably suffered from that wear and tear that sometimes assails those who leave everything in any facet...

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Robert de Niro's top 3 movies

Robert de Niro movies

Let's forget about the last Robert de Niro to evoke that other great actor that he was at some point. It may sound harsh but it is so, one of the most charismatic types of celluloid has long passed with more sorrow than glory for films without that point of classic cinema …

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Top 3 Jack Nicholson Movies

Jack Nicholson movies

From his golden retirement at the foot of the Lakers track, Jack Nicholson still shows off the extraordinary vitality that he always conferred on his characters. Interpretations that appear in the already distant and psychedelic 70s until well into the XNUMXst century. A run unparalleled in today's stardom...

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Top 3 Matt Damon Movies

Matt Damon movies

When it comes to cataloging Matt Damon we can find problems. It is not easy to label a guy like him, who could pass for your childhood friend whom you would never imagine playing a movie hero and less a Brad Pitt-type heartthrob. And yet it is…

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Jennifer Lawrence's Top 3 Movies

Jennifer Lawrence Movies

An actress who collects interpretive registers as if her chameleonic virtue were something easy to put into practice. No doubt Jennifer Lawrence would delight a great director of yesteryear like Hitchcock. Because in it we can find that unsuspected background that cinema always seeks as a surprise factor. Something …

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The 3 best films of Luis Tosar

Luis Tosar Films

There are perfect actors for which genres. Luis Tosar and suspense in its broadest sense is one of the happiest encounters in Spanish cinematography. And it is that this Galician actor can embody evil in any of his representations; or on the contrary, …

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