The Garden of Your Heart, by Walter Dresel

The Garden of Your Heart, by Walter Dresel
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It has always been said that the surest path to happiness is that which passes through self-knowledge. Only, let's not kid ourselves, on many occasions we are faced with a self that does not finish taking off the mask of conventions, customs, tendencies and everything that tends towards normality. A normality that really nullifies the individual.

The most paradoxical of all is that others will never stop considering you abnormal, to the extent that most of your actions will be different from theirs.

Paradoxical situation where there are those that only hinder the path indicated above, filling it with small abysses that only under our perception seem inescapable without the fall.

Sometimes it is good to go around a self-help book, always with the critical perspective so as not to assume everything read as an inescapable principle towards YOUR happiness.

Summary: You may feel that your life is an arid territory where you waste your energy every day, but turning it into a garden where you can cultivate your well-being is possible. The garden of your heart helps you build, step by step, a more pleasant setting for your existence, to create a beautiful space in which you can really be you, flourish as a person, affirm your beliefs and your values. It will be your haven of peace, where you can take refuge in stormy times and remain protected from the influences of the environment. You will meet the deepest part of your being. You will find the harmony between what you are and what happens to you. The renowned doctor Walter Dresel invites you to an experience of self-knowledge to create a personal space. An opportunity to cultivate a private, unique and special place that will provide you with identity and refuge.

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The Garden of Your Heart, by Walter Dresel
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