The 5 best books of the great Javier Sierra

Discuss Javier Sierra It means entering the bestseller phenomenon made in Spain. This author from Teruel has become a bestseller of his books in Spain and around the world. All books of Javier Sierra they offer that typical invoice of the great mystery works, with intriguing premises that are extremely convincing and capable of firing the imagination towards historical, esoteric, political and human assumptions.

A capacity only available to the greatest mystery writers, endowed with that nose to discover a wonderful plot of any detail that comes their way. En Javier Sierra We found the Spanish Dan Brown, with the same ability to develop very lively and dynamic structures from a first page that already completely captures.

Before starting with my selection, it should be remembered that it was the Javier Sierra who invited us at the time to a selection for an ebook of four of his best novels (which also makes a very interesting all-in-one):

literary library of Javier Sierra

But time has passed and currently, if it is about highlighting 5 of the novels of Javier Sierra that you should never miss, I am going to dare to make you a more updated reading guide. Be that as it may, get ready to enjoy some fast-paced readings, also loaded with that point of sophistication framed in literature, painting or any creative and cultural facet as an emblem and cradle of the great enigmas of any civilization.

top 5 recommended books Javier Sierra

Pandora's message

In this new world that begs for a COVID-19 vaccine, the literature can act as a placebo. AND Javier Sierra It offers us that projection that heals impatience, considering that human beings always find an escape from so many dangers looming for our civilization.

If back in the 80s an author like Dean koontz served as a literary ominous of what could happen in the middle of 2020, Javier Sierra invites us to open Pandora's box of consequences. The derivative of our passage through this world, about what we can do better not to become just an invaluable breeze, extinguished in the Cosmos.

A novel that confirms that in addition to the intricacies of each mysterious novel by Javier Sierra, this author does not stop growing also in its most purely literary aspect. The plot is accompanied by a growth in the profession towards the "best-selling writer" who also strives to be a better "writer" simply.

On the day Arys turned eighteen he received this strange letter. It came to him from Athens wrapped in brown paper with the urgency that he should read it immediately. Written in exceptional circumstances, in it her aunt evokes the last trip they made together through southern Europe and confides in her a secret that she had been keeping for eons: that ancient myths hide the key to understanding the origin of life, diseases and even our future. 

Based on research by leading scientists and Nobel laureates, Javier Sierra He has written a lucid, dazzling fable that will expand our point of view on the issues that are really called to alter the balance of our civilization.

We are facing a story that is both exciting, tender and timely. One that takes us hopefully into the history of our civilization through its most critical changes and that reminds us of the solutions that humanity has always found to overcome them. «It is the letter that we all need to read to get going, so as not to give up in the face of adversity. His message is full of intrigue, but also of the future, "he assures Javier Sierra.

Pandora's message it contains, in the form of a novel, all the wisdom that the current crisis can bring us, since it offers clues that until now no one has shuffled and that will not lose relevance, since the characters speak of prosperity, flourishing, opportunity, life. 

Pandora's message

The blue lady

Originally published in 1998 as the debut of Javier Sierra and revised in 2008. The idea of ​​time travel, with that point of great credibility offered by a plot supported by supposed official investigations, could have been born in national references such as the great JJ Benitez with his Trojan Horse.

In the case of The Blue Lady, the idea is complemented by the intervention of the Vatican, with new technologies such as chronovision and with an atavistic point, that of certain ancient civilizations that may have already used this resource to move to the past and future.

The name of the novel comes from a reference from some Indian heirs to this knowledge, who claimed that a blue lady guided them in their passage between planes. The Catholic Church is sure that it is the Virgin ...

The blue lady

The templar gates

The Templars as an argument for all kinds of novels has its justification in the particular of this religious Order. In this novel originally published in 2000, the weight of the myth transcends to orgiastic levels.

As Javier Sierra raises is an astrological knowledge on the part of these mythical religious. An aerospace engineer is involved in a series of mysterious events that befall him based on his performance at a satellite station.

Michel Témoin does not know much about history, but he does know about everything that refers to the cosmos. When he discovers that extraordinary secrets collected by the Order of the Temple may have been hidden in art, history and architecture, he will launch into discoveries that will shake the foundations of our reality.

The templar gates

The secret dinner

It is very curious to discover how this book of Javier Sierra "The Secret Dinner" coincided in its departure with the da Vinci Code, another novel closely associated with the representation of the painting of The Last Supper, by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Yet another mystery that uniquely links these two authors ... It is not that they could have copied each other. The work of documentation and writing of these novels must take at least a year, and yet the two were there, months apart.

And in both cases it was a matter of shedding light on incontestable facts about the strangeness and uniqueness of various details of the representation on canvas. "Anomalous" details cannot be technical faults. It is a matter of discerning what the genius of geniuses could have intended to convey with those unique differential marks.

The secret dinner

The lost angel

It was the year 2011 and, having shown a good example of his creative and creative capacity, Javier Sierra He had already made the leap across all the seas of the world. With this novel he reached the Latin Book Awards in the United States, there is nothing.

As for the plot itself, perhaps we will find his work more tending to the thriller. Julia Álvarez, restorer, is working alone in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela when suddenly a mysterious man approaches.

In a language unknown to her she splutters aloud some more than probable threats. The man ends up succumbing to a gunshot. It is all due to the fact that Julia possesses something very special, some stones of special energy in whose search researchers and religious from all over the world have been launched.

The lost angel

Any of these 5 books of Javier Sierra they will delight a reader avid for entertaining with grounds. An authentic enjoyment to discover History, Art and the great enigmas of Humanity as an absolute whole where the magic and the real share a fascinating narrative space.

Other interesting readings from Javier Sierra

The master of the Prado

Being one of the most famous art galleries in the world, the Prado Museum becomes the hands of Javier Sierra in an argument in itself. Beyond sharing the space of this museum, great works by Titian, Bosco, Botticelli or El Greco, among others, share a kind of time score.

Painting as a form of artistic expression, as a reference for each historical moment but also as the best visual way to bear witness to the great enigmas of humanity. You just have to know how to interpret and understand, discern truths reflected between more or less realistic brushstrokes, in the gestures of represented characters or in represented proportions... The great paintings of History keep enormous secrets, transferred to posterity by the geniuses of yesterday.

The master of the Prado
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