The 3 best books of Agatha Christie

There are privileged minds capable of posing a thousand and one plots with their corresponding mystery without disheveled or worn out. It is indisputable to point to Agatha Christie as the queen of the detective genre, the one that later branched out into crime novels, thrillers and others.

She alone, and without the great help of all the information that flows today on the network, built around 100 novels with so many enigmas made available to universal characters like Miss Marple or the unsurpassed Hercule Poirot. Police novels with a tendency to mystery and enigmas.

Stories staged here and there, thanks to his knowledge of so many parts of the world through his travels. Selecting his three best novels, those that most caught me, is not an easy task. It is not that any of them shine above the others, but the invoice of any of them is simply great and perfect. So let's get wet.

3 recommended novels from Agatha Christie

Tragedy in three acts

In addition to the title, which in itself seems highly successful towards that theatrical touch with which it ends up linking ..., the development of the story is disconcerting and enigmatic. Thirteen guests come to dine at the party hosted by the famous actor Sir Charles Cartwright at his home.

A particularly unfortunate night for the Reverend Stephen Babbington, who after tasting his cocktail falls dead. But when the glass returns from the laboratory with no traces of poison detected, Poirot braces himself for one of those impossible cases. And as if this were not enough, there seems to be no motive for the crime.

Tragedy in Three Acts is a short thriller novel written by the English author Agatha Christie and starring the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, one of the most celebrated investigators of literary fiction. Without recent reissues, you can still find copies of remote issues, like the one that accompanies this post.

Tragedy in three acts

Ten bold

For many this novel represents the summit of Agatha Christie. And if not the summit, at least the most significant work, the one that gathers all the narrative and creative virtues of the Christie universe. Perhaps by going against the current I have placed her in second place.

Of course, the approach is already suggestive. 10 apparent strangers who receive a letter and are summoned to a luxurious mansion. What they do not know is that they are going to participate in a sinister hunt where they are the prey. The uncertainty of why assails the reader from the first victim.

And it's funny, because although nothing links the characters, something tells you that yes, there is a motive for the chain murder. A children's song moves you between the walls of that house full of hiding places. 10 characters that are less and less and who find no escape or reason for such revenge ...

Ten bold

Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie He fell in love with the spirit of a Middle East still under blatant English rule during his years of life and work. This novel, among others, was born from his travels to Turkey, India and nearby countries. Istanbul, midwinter. Poirot decides to take the Orient Express, which at this time usually runs practically empty. But that day, the train is full and only thanks to a good friend does he get a bunk in the sleeping car. The next morning he wakes up to discover that a snowstorm has forced the train to stop and that an American, named Ratcher, has been savagely stabbed.

Apparently no one has gotten in or out of the sleeping car. The murderer is undoubtedly one of the occupants, including a haughty Russian princess and an English governess. Murder on the Orient Express is one of the best known novels of Agatha Christie and has been taken to film and television on several occasions.

Murder on the Orient Express

Other recommended books by Agatha Christie...

A handful of rye

Rex Fortescue, an important businessman, is killed in his office. The coroner reports that he has been poisoned with taxine, a strange poison that is obtained from the leaves of yews, trees that precisely surround the deceased's estate.

An inexplicable fact is that in the pocket of the deceased is a handful of grains of rye. Shortly afterwards, Gladys, Fortescue's maid, who had previously been in Miss Marple's employ, is killed in what appears to be a premeditated crime. It is then that the shrewd Miss Marple will decide to help the police to find out who is behind these murders for no apparent reason.

a handful of rye, Agatha Christie

Why don't they ask Evans?

During a quiet round of golf, Bobby Jones, son of Marchbolt's vicar, inadvertently deflects the ball off a cliff. As he searches for her, he discovers a dying man and deduces that the mist caused him to fall. Moments before he dies, the man whispers a mysterious question: "Why don't they ask Evans?"

In an attempt to identify the victim, once it is concluded that the death was accidental, a photo of a woman is found in his pocket. Bobby begins to wonder that what seemed like an accident might actually be a murder. He will then start, together with his friend Frances Derwent, a great fan of solving mysteries, an investigation to discover the truth.

Why don't they ask Evans?

The mysterious Mr. Brown

Giving a Soviet touch to a plot from back in 1922 had a point of greater intensity for Western readers. Something that can be repeated today in search of ancient sociopolitical foundations for a current situation where remote antagonisms are resurrected...

The search for compromising secret documents, signed during the First World War and lost in the sinking of the Lusitania, gives rise to a merciless fight between the British secret services and an international gang that wants to use the documents as an instrument of Bolshevik propaganda. But in the maelstrom of the spy war, two young men appear, Tommy and Tuppence, ready to risk their lives to reveal the identity of the gang's leader, the mysterious Mr. Brown.

The mysterious Mr. Brown
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