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It can be lost, but immediately the concept must be turned to internalize and translate that shadow of defeat as learning. Undoubtedly a very successful title for a fighting book, but certainly extrapolated to any other field.

My link with wrestling as a sport was born from a book that I wrote at the time, as a memory for 4 fantastic fighters from Ejea, my town. When I discovered the lives of these countrymen who traveled the world during the 50s, something of a fascination was aroused in me.

Of those muds these muds. The perspective of renowned MMA trainer John Kavanagh, or Mixed martial artsIt is highly suggestive to learn more about this practice, I would say extreme. This is a real combat competition, with its rules, of course on forbidden areas, but without giving up the violence of melee. MMA faces two fighters willing to seek or receive a KO that can be provoked with an infinite number of blows.

Under these conditions, losing can lead to full-blown physical punishment. The maximum exponent of that learning towards the only possible victory always: the improvement, is Conor McGregor. The legend of this fighter was forged from John Kavanagh's gym, with that myth of the guy who opens the door of a neighborhood gym to focus the violence that life presents towards a form of risky sport.

But, beyond the history of physical struggle, of the actual combat itself, I am very interested in that aspect that I have already pointed out of the extrapolation of defeat as learning, of winning or learning as a tattoo that we should all carry in our souls. While we read stories of mythical fighting evenings, surely we can see ourselves, splitting our faces with a reality that is sometimes aggressive, before which we have no choice but to grit our teeth and prepare for combat.

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Beat or learn
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