At the End of the World, by Antti Tuomainen

The alienating has a root of the strange, of the alien to this planet. But the term ends up pointing more to the loss of reason. In this novel by Antti Tuomainen both extremes are summarized. Because from the cosmos comes a remote mineral trace that everyone craves for different reasons.

The human condition manifesting itself once again as capable of everything to possess even a piece of immortality, of a new material whose nature can serve as inextinguishable energy or cure any disease. Ambition can do everything when nobody knows for sure the meaning of the new. The battle is served no matter how far it occurs...

On the outskirts of a remote village in Finland, a meteorite falls from outer space. The singular event immediately upsets the inhabitants of the town, since the rock could be worth more than a million euros, and it is not clear who it belongs to.

For a few days, the alien mineral will remain in the local museum, guarded every night by Joel, a Lutheran pastor, war veteran and married to a woman pregnant with a child that is not his. Inevitably, attempts to seize the precious treasure, whatever it may be, do not take long to succeed.

At one end of the world
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